5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch "Love Is Sweet", A New Chinese Romantic Office Drama

5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch "Love Is Sweet", A New Chinese Romantic Office Drama

By Wei Yin on 30 Sep 2020
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Those who love Chinese dramas will be glad to know there's another new drama to catch!

Love Is Sweet poster of leads
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Love Is Sweet (半是蜜糖半是伤) is a romantic comedy and the story follows a girl, Jiang Jun, who meets her close childhood friend, Yuan Shuai, not as an ally but as a rival.

Jiang Jun decides to join MH, a top investment company, to fulfil her father's dying wish. There, she runs into her childhood friend Yuan Shuai, yet he's different from the gentle and caring protector that he used to be. At the same time, someone seems to be plotting against her and she must rely on her wits and will to succeed not just in her career, but also in love.

Here are five reasons why you need to watch Love Is Sweet:

#1 Leo Luo as the male lead

Leo Luo in Love Is Sweet
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Leo Luo (罗云熙) might not look like it but this baby-faced actor is already 32 this year! With many notable works under his belt such as Ashes of Love and Princess Silver, this versatile actor not only has good looks but also solid acting skills which have amassed him a large fanbase (psst, he has 25 million followers on Weibo as of this writing).

Acting as Yuan Shuai, the haughty superior and secretly sweet childhood friend to Jiang Jun in Love Is Sweet, viewers are going to be in for a ride swooning at his hot and cold personality (cliche or not, you decide).

If you like watching dramas with eye candies to feast your eyes on, Leo Luo being the main male lead is good enough reason for you to start watching Love Is Sweet!

#2 Fast-paced plot

Love Is Sweet episode 1 kiss scene
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Most dramas with childhood friends as part of the plot are usually paced slower to intensify the moment the two childhood friends finally meet again. But with Love Is Sweet, the two main characters meet each other and minor spoiler ahead, even share a kiss (albeit accidentally) in the very first episode, and we are definitely not complaining!

The fast-paced plot is a breath of fresh air and despite revealing more than what most dramas would in the first episode, it's still able to keep viewers on their toes wanting to see more between the main leads.

Those who simply cannot stand dramas that wait till the halfway mark in the entire series before letting the main couple progress will appreciate Love Is Sweet's fast-paced plot.

#3 Strong female lead 

Bai Lu in Love Is Sweet
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The female lead Jiang Jun is played by Bai Lu (白鹿), an up-and-coming actress who gained recognition with previous works such as The Legends and Arsenal Military Academy.

Jiang Jun is allergic to her own tears and this puts her life in danger whenever she cries and because of that, she was forced to learn to be stronger emotionally. Now, despite constantly being told she wouldn't be able to make it in the investment industry, she still continues trying her best and persevering.

Her relentless attitude towards achieving her dreams is truly admirable and will probably inspire you to not give up even when you meet any obstacles!

#4 No dubbing 

Love Is Sweet second poster
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Those familiar with Chinese dramas would know that dubbing is quite a common occurrence. Some may be used to it already, but some others find dubbing less pleasant as compared to listening to the actors' real voices. We personally feel that dubbing takes away the original emotions conveyed by the actors.

Luckily for Love Is Sweet, the sounds you hear are authentic and belong to each individual actor. It's going to be an enjoyable watching experience for those who prefer listening to the actors' real voices.

#5 Flashback scenes are not confusing

Love Is Sweet flashback scene
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With 'childhood friends' being part of the plot, viewers should of course, expect a certain amount of flashback scenes to set the tone of the drama. So far, we have seen some flashback scenes of when the main leads were still in school. Thankfully, the flashback scenes were not confusing at all as they were seamlessly intertwined with the main plot of the drama.

We found ourselves wanting more so we could catch a glimpse of teen Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun, as well as what their relationship was like back then. Without spoiling too much, they were really cute and the scenes of their younger days are very heartwarming.

If you are looking for a new drama to binge watch, why not give Love Is Sweet a try?

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