8 Reasons Why You Should Get A Smart Laundry System For Your Home In Singapore

8 Reasons Why You Should Get A Smart Laundry System For Your Home In Singapore

By Rachel Yohannan on 21 Sep 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Smart home items are all the rage these days, because we people of the 21st Century love anything high-tech that makes our lives easier. Other than appliances like smart door locks and lights, there are also smart laundry systems from brands like Steigen which are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners in Singapore.

Still not sure whether to take the plunge? Here are 8 benefits of having a smart automated laundry system in your home, which might just make you a convert.

#1: Built-in Solar heaters ensure your clothes dry faster, even without direct sunlight

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Some of us constantly rush to “catch” the sunlight at the opportune moment just so that our clothes can dry properly - which proves difficult if you’re a busy working individual. Others are less lucky, and barely get any direct natural light in their homes - resulting in laundry that takes forever to dry.

But thanks to a smart laundry system’s built-in air circulators, these problems can be left in the past. For example, Steigen’s laundry systems come with a special Solar heater that provides ventilation and heat to dry clothes effectively - even more so than natural breeze.

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In fact, this drying method is way better for your clothes, as it does not involve harsh UV rays which damage delicate materials or cause fabric to fade. The result? Softer, fluffier clothing that holds up for a longer period of time!

#2: Germs, odours, and even dust mites can be easily eliminated

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With regular laundry systems, your clothes are exposed to germs, dust mites, and particles like pollen. But a well-made smart laundry system can instead rid you of all these nasties.

Steigen’s systems have special Solar heaters which help kill viruses and bacteria, with inbuilt Ionisers eliminating airborne particles and any musty odours. At the same time, the advanced Ultrasonic Technology helps to keep dust mites and other airborne allergens at bay.

Definitely a welcome feature for those with family members who are illness-prone or have sensitive skin.

#3: It’s much safer than regular bamboo poles

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Never grapple with bamboo poles and possibly have them fall on your head ever again, nor reach precariously outside your window to fit them into pole holders; you can do away with those altogether when you have a smart laundry system, which ascends and descends by itself with the simple touch of a button.

This makes it a much safer option, especially if you’re someone with butterfingers.

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On that note, the Steigen Solar Alpha in particular has a special Obstacle Recovery feature, where a built-in smart sensor detects obstacles and immediately retracts the system upwards by 5cm to prevent any collision. So there’s no need to worry about accidentally walking into it and bumping your head!

#4: Little strength is needed, making it easier to get the job done

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Hanging your freshly washed clothes on an automated laundry system is virtually effortless, as you’ll be spared the mini arm workout of hoisting bamboo poles up. This makes it easy and convenient for anyone to use - including your elderly folks who can’t do heavy lifting and often experience aches and pains. In fact, you could even get the job done while sitting down.

Not having to exert yourself = more energy to do the things you love at home!

#5: The adjustable nature allows kids to help with chores

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Because a smart laundry system is adjustable, you can set it to a comfortable height that won’t require you to struggle - a major blessing for fun-sized individuals like myself who would otherwise have trouble reaching.

This easy accessibility also provides a good opportunity for parents to get their little ones involved, and foster a sense of shared responsibility in the household from a young age.

#6: You can control it remotely via your smartphone and other devices

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As with many other smart home devices, an automated laundry system can be controlled not just via a wireless remote, but also your smartphone and other tech gadgets. Imagine turning on and off your laundry system with a few quick taps - all without having to get off your bed and walk to the kitchen.

#7: It’s sleek and aesthetically pleasing

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These days, many consider aesthetics just as important as functionality when it comes to household items - after all, your home is your safe haven and it’s only natural that you want it to look as eye-pleasing as possible.

Smart laundry systems are typically made of metal, which automatically gives them a sleeker, more modern appearance that adds luxe factor to your kitchen. Steigen even has different colours such as silver or rose gold to match seamlessly with your decor theme.

#8: Your clothes won’t be subjected to external conditions like dust or neighbours’ dripping laundry 

If you’ve ever hung your clothes outside on standard HDB bamboo poles, you’ve probably encountered one or more of the following:

  • Your neighbour’s wet laundry dripping onto yours from upstairs
  • Haze, dust, and other pollutants soiling your white items
  • Unfortunate splotches of bird poop on your precious outfits

This won’t be a problem when you can hang your clothes indoors, and get them effectively dried using a smart laundry system - and we’ve got the perfect solution to recommend:

- Steigen Singapore’s new Solar Alpha automated laundry system  -

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Steigen has been one of the most popular brands for automated laundry systems in Singapore, and they’ve just added the new Solar Alpha to their existing lineup.

Besides all the benefits listed above, this model comes with heaters that run 10°C higher than the rest at up to 60°C - the optimum temperature to kill germs. Wider ventilators allow for better air circulation, which helps to dry laundry 8 times faster* than on bamboo poles!

*Based on spin dried cotton t-shirts and jeans in normal weather.

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Fret not about making your tiny HDB look cluttered, as the Steigen Solar Alpha is compact yet extendable. In total, it comes with 6 poles - which is 1 more than other versions. 2 of the poles are fixed, while the other 4 can be elongated to accommodate larger items like king-size bedsheets.

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For added convenience, there are small clips built into the poles which you can hang smaller items on.

You’ll be able to dry up to 94 pieces or 50kg worth of hanging laundry on this handy device!

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For better visibility on cloudy days or dark nights, turn on the LED lights which allow you to switch between 3 tones: Soft Light, Daylight, and Warm Glow.

Whether you’re moving into a new HDB or BTO flat, or are simply looking to make some upgrades to your existing home, an automated laundry system from Steigen is worth the investment as it’ll certainly make your life easier - in addition to giving you cleaner and more fragrant clothes!

Steigen will be happy to provide free non-obligatory site measurements so you’ll be able to pick the model that best suits your home.

Early bird promotion:
Place your order for the Steigen Solar Alpha before 30 September 2020, 11.59PM and save $200!

T&C: Promotion only valid in isolation, not applicable with other promotions, discounts or vouchers.

Find out more about Steigen’s new Solar Alpha smart laundry system here

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