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5 Milk Tea Mooncakes In Singapore From $4.50 For Bubble Tea Lovers To Try In 2020

5 Milk Tea Mooncakes In Singapore From $4.50 For Bubble Tea Lovers To Try In 2020

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By Rachel Yohannan on 26 Aug 2020
Senior Digital Editor

There’s already bubble tea ice cream, milk tea popcorn, and bubble tea chocolate candy - and let’s not get started on the milk tea hair and lipstick trend, which even high-end brands like YSL have started to capitalise on. Are we at all surprised that bubble tea-inspired mooncakes exist? Hardly!


Here are 5 stores in Singapore that have milk tea flavoured mooncakes available for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020, which falls on 1 October this year. Some of them even come with real pearls! Place your orders quick before fellow bubble tea addicts wipe them all out.

#1: Casahana x iCraveDurians - from $7.50 per piece

casahana bubble tea mooncake SingaporePhoto from @casahana_hyt via Instagram

Malaysian confection company Casahana has teamed up with Singaporean durian store iCraveDurians once again to bring their tasty milk tea mooncakes to our shores. This time, there’s a new 3-In-1 Oolong Latte Boba Tea flavour with an oozing lava centre! Though indulgent it may sound, It’s actually made to be less sweet.

casahana bubble tea mooncake SingaporePhoto from @angela77_matcha via Instagram

There are also the Original Brown Sugar Boba Mooncakes for the hardcore sweet tooths. This, too, has a decadent liquid centre.

casahana bubble tea mooncake SingaporePhoto from @streetsense via Instagram


These bubble tea lava mooncakes come in boxes of 4, and you can get them at a special price of $29.90 (U.P. $36.90) when you make an order by 13 September.

Delivery: $5.99 | FREE for orders over $49
Get it here.

#2: Teaspoon of Love - $11.50 per piece

Teaspoon of Love earl grey milk tea mooncake SingaporePhoto from Teaspoon of Love

Teaspoon of Love is a local store selling artisanal tea, bakes, and wellness items like aromatherapy - the perfect combination for self-care!

This year, they have added a Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea with Chocolate Truffle Snowskin mooncake ($69 for 6) to their lineup, which comprises of a soft earl grey skin, milk tea lotus paste, and a sinful chocolate ganache truffle centre.

Order by 31 August to enjoy a 15% early bird discount!

Delivery: $8
No self-collection due to COVID-19
Get it here.


#3: Yan Ting at The St. Regis Singapore - $10.40 per piece

Royal milk tea mooncake Yan Ting St Regis SingaporePhoto from The St. Regis Singapore

If anything sweet, rich, and full of flavour is up your alley, you’ll love indulging in the Royal Milk Tea Paste with Honey Osmanthus Truffle mooncakes ($83.50 for 8) by Yan Ting restaurant at The St. Regis Singapore.

As its name suggests, in its middle is a whole honey osmanthus chocolate truffle, packed into the milk tea filling. We imagine it to taste like honey bubble milk tea with a slight floral aroma.

Delivery: $15 (flat rate)
FREE self-collection
Get it here.

#4: Sleepy Pastry - $4.50 per piece

Milk tea mooncake Sleepy Pastry SingaporePhoto from Sleepy Pastry

No need to fight with your family members over one unanimous flavour decision when home baker Sleepy Pastry offers assorted snowskin mooncakes ($36 for 8). Other than Milk Tea, this beautifully packaged box includes Black Sesame, Matcha, and Tiramisu mooncakes, with 2 pieces per flavour per set.


Delivery: $5 | FREE for minimum order of 2 boxes

Get it here.

#5: Bread Garden - $9.50 per piece

Royal milk tea mooncake Bread Garden SingaporePhoto from Bread Garden

Heartland bakery Bread Garden has more than 20 flavours of mooncakes this Mid-Autumn season - in addition to their usual pastries and loaves of bread - and this includes the Royal Milk Tea mooncake ($9.50) infused with brown sugar and what looks to be bubble tea pearls.

Order by 31 August to get 15% off with a minimum purchase of $100, and enjoy free delivery for purchases of $150 and above.

Delivery: $20 (flat rate)
FREE self-collection

Get it here.

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