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9 Telltale Signs That Indicate You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

9 Telltale Signs That Indicate You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

By Wei Yin on 05 Aug 2020
Digital Editor

Many women don't realise that they are wearing the wrong bra size as some signs are so subtle that we just push them to the back of our minds.


However, long hours of wearing the wrong bra size can result in discomfort, pain in the neck, shoulder and back as well as mild skin abrasions. Here are nine telltale signs that show you are wearing the wrong bra size so it's probably a good idea to ditch yours and get new ones.

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#1 Pain or redness under your breasts

If you feel pain or see lines and redness under your breasts after removing your bra at the end of the day, then you are probably wearing the wrong bra size. It could mean the bra doesn't fit you properly or is too tight, causing the wires to rib against your skin.

#2 Your breasts are spilling over

The bra cups should cover your breasts and fit them snugly but if you have more boob out of your bra than in your bra, it means that bra is probably too small for you. Try sizing up so that your breasts are supported properly to feel more comfortable.


#3 The back of the band is pulled up

The back of the bra should align horizontally with the front. If it rides up after hooking, then it could be the bra is too loose on you and will keep moving around throughout the day. As the band of the bra provides the most support, it's important to check if it fits you properly.

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#4 You readjust your bra straps many times throughout the day

This might seem like something everyone does but if you have to keep readjusting your bra straps throughout the day, the bra is perhaps too big for you. A bra that fits you should feel firm and comfortable and the straps should sit well on your shoulders without slipping off.

#5 You feel breathless 

A bra that is too tight can restrict blood circulation and chest movement. If you feel slightly breathless when you go about doing your daily activities, your bra could be the cause of that.

#6 The band of the bra cuts into your body


If you find that the band of your bra is cutting into your sides or under the breasts, the band is probably too tight. A good bra size should not cause any discomfort so go for a bigger band size if it's too tight for you.

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#7 The bra straps are digging into your shoulders 

Just like how bra straps shouldn't be falling off your shoulders, they should also not be digging into your shoulders. The band of the bra should be the one providing most of the support so go ahead and loosen the straps. But if you have larger breasts, try going for bras with thicker straps for more comfort.

#8 There's space between your breasts and the bra cups

When there is a gap between your breasts and the bra cups, it could mean that the straps are too loose or the cup size is too big. Try tightening the straps but if there is still an obvious gap, you will have to size down.

#9 The bra cups wrinkle or crease

Wrinkles or creases on bra cups appear if they are too big for you and sizing down on your cup size is the easiest way to resolve this problem.

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