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Cook In Style With These Cute Pastel-Coloured Portable Gas Stoves

Cook In Style With These Cute Pastel-Coloured Portable Gas Stoves

By Karmen on 08 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Portable gas stoves will come in handy for hotpot meals, outdoor parties or showing off your cooking skills in front of a captivated audience. ?


The adorable pastel-coloured Dr.Hows gas stoves will do just that while adding some pizzaz to your kitchen!

Keep reading to check them out!

Twinkle Gas Stove

hotpot in Twinkle Gas Stove in pinkPhoto from Dr.Hows

The Twinkle Gas Stoves do more than just look pretty in your kitchen. These medium-sized stoves maximise thermal efficiency so your food cooks faster, and have safety features like a child lock.

The base is made of heat-resistant plastic which makes it lightweight and easy to move around the house or bring out with you!

hotpot in white Twinkle Gas StovePhoto from Dr.Hows


Twinkle Gas Stove in pinkPhoto from Dr.Hows

Speaking of bringing the stove out, it's designed for outdoor use and works well even on windy days thanks to its strong fire power. Choose from two colours: Baby Pink and Soft Cream.

Twinkle Mini Gas Stove

cooking toast Twinkle Mini Gas Stove in lemon yellowPhoto from Dr.Hows

These compact, single burner stoves measure just 35cm x 26cm and are ideal for small kitchens.

toast in pan Twinkle Mini Gas Stove pistachio bluePhoto from Dr.Hows

making toast on Twinkle Mini Gas StovePhoto from Dr.Hows

In addition to the features of the original Twinkle Gas Stove, this mini version comes with a top plate to toast bread and wing ventilation for heat dissipation. Choose from two colours: Pistachio and Lemon.

The pink & white twinkle stoves and yellow & blue mini stoves are retailing for 55,000 won each, ~S$64.14 (U.P. 90,000 won) at Unfortunately, these aren't available for international shipping so get your friends who are living in Korea to help you purchase them or try Airfrov!

Complete your cooking experience with pink cookware and pink kitchen appliances!

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