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10 Classic Pieces Of Fine Jewellery Every Lady Should Own

10 Classic Pieces Of Fine Jewellery Every Lady Should Own

By Karmen on 18 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

We're all familiar with essential officewear, bags and shoes that every lady should have but what about jewellery?


Staple fine jewellery items will elevate any outfit, mix and match effortlessly with other pieces and look good for decades to come.

Keep reading to check out the 10 classic & timeless pieces of fine jewellery that every woman should invest in!

#1 A simple gold chain

Saint Laurent Metal Curb Chain NecklacePhoto from Saint Laurent

A simple gold chain like the Saint Laurent Metal Curb Chain Necklace ($430) is a must-have! Wear it alone to add understated glamour to your look, link your favourite charms to match different outfits, or layer multiple chains to make a statement.

#2 Gold coin pendant necklace

woman wearing Thomas Sabo Pendant Coin with 18k rose gold platingPhoto from Thomas Sabo


When you're wearing a simple v-neck top or a white collared shirt, a gold coin pendant takes your outfit up a notch effortlessly.

The Thomas Sabo Pendant Coin ($129) has an elegant minimalist design with 18k rose gold plating. You can also personalise it with with messages, numbers or symbols engraved on the pendant!

#3 Simple stud earrings

Chanel Comète Gèode EarringsPhoto from Chanel

woman wearing small Chanel Comète Gèode EarringsPhoto from Chanel

A pair of simple stud earrings like the Chanel Comète Gèode Earrings ($7,750) can add a finishing touch to an outfit or simply jazz up a a casual look effortlessly. If you have multiple ear piercings, it's easy to match simple stud earrings with more elaborate pieces!

#4 Diamond stud earrings

Cartier 1895 diamond stud earrings Photo from Cartier


There's nothing more luxurious than diamonds but them in a small stud form like the Cartier 1895 earrings makes it easy to dress down for everyday wear.

#5 Small hoop earrings

Laura Lombardi Gold-plated hoop earringsPhoto from Laura Lombardi

We're not talking about large tacky hoops! A small, delicate and simple pair like the Laura Lombardi Gold-plated hoop earrings ($126) which add the right amount of but still looks classy and goes well with any outfit

#6 Pearls

Citigems Seoul Style Pearl EarringsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Pearls may seem traditional but the trick is to find the right piece. The Citigems Seoul Style Pearl Earrings ($768) have a minimalist teardrop design that gives it a modern look. You can find Citigems jewellery at Maxi-Cash stores!

#7 Stackable rings


Monica Vinader Skinny Eternity Ring Photo from Monica Vinader

woman wearing necklace and stacked rings Monica Vinader Skinny Eternity Ring Photo from Monica Vinader

The beauty of stackable rings is how versatile they are in creating different looks. For example, the Monica Vinader Skinny Eternity Ring ($525) can look delicate and minimalist on its own, edgy when worn on multiple fingers and chic when stacked on one or two fingers.

#8 Bangle bracelet

Pandora bracelets pink sakura flowers and ringPhoto from Pandora

A simple bangle bracelet adds a touch of femininity to your look while complementing every outfit! Something like Pandora bracelets let you change up your look by adding on charms or even stacking multiple bracelets.

#9 Chain bracelet

Tiffany & Co. Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet in silverPhoto from Tiffany & Co.


Chain bracelets can look sophisticated too! The iconic Tiffany & Co. Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet makes a subtle statement and you can add on charms too, making it a versatile jewellery piece.

#10 Bracelet-strap watch

Swarovski Alila Mini WatchPhoto from Swarovski

Swarovski Alila Mini WatchPhoto from Swarovski

Fabric strap watches are a staple for many but can look chunky or mismatched with a particularly feminine outfit. A watch with a bracelet strap has an elegant look that's perfect for nights out as well as to dress up a casual outfit.

Bring classic charm to any look with this precious, petite Swarovski Alila Mini Watch ($649). The ultra-refined and feminine design includes clear crystals and a rose gold-tone coated stainless steel chain bracelet.

Once you have completed your essential jewellery collection, organise and show it off with some cute jewellery organisers under $40.

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