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6 Signs You Have A Healthy Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime

6 Signs You Have A Healthy Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime

By Karmen on 19 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

The one pressing question many of us have when getting into a new relationship is: will he/she be the one?


While no one knows for sure and only time can tell, there are a few things to look out for that may be a sign of a strong and healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.

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#1 You show your true selves in front of each other

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When we first meet someone, we tend to show only the best versions of ourselves and hide our darker side, vulnerabilities and insecurities.

If you and your partner are comfortable with each other to the point that you're showing your less glamorous side to each other and your honest thoughts and opinions without worry, that means you know you like each other for who you are and will survive the ups and downs of life together. This is a good sign that your relationship will last!

#2 You bring out the best in each other


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Your Mr or Mrs Right will motivate you to be the best version of yourself and likewise, you'll bring out the best qualities in him or her. If you both are proud of who you are while you're together, it means that your relationship will go strong in the long haul.

#3 You celebrate each other's achievements and successes

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Feeling jealousy or insecurity over the other's success doesn't bode well for your relationship. Indifference is also a bad sign.

A long-lasting couple will see each other's achievements as a win for both as a team. If you and your partner are proud and enthusiastic about each other's goals, efforts and successes, you're on the right track!

#4 You both consistently commit to each other

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When you make plans or promises to each other, you and your partner consistently commit to it. This means that you can rely on each other and feel support and safety in your relationship. A couple who are on the same page and with a high level of trust will be together for a long time.

#5 Your conflicts are fair

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Arguments in any relationship is perfectly normal and can even be healthy if it's done right. Fair and healthy conflicts never veer into the territory of hurtful attacks, bringing up unrelated grievances or are aimed at winning the argument rather than resolving it.

If you're both willing to apologise sincerely for your faults and work out your differences, these conflicts will strengthen your relationship.

#6 You share similar values and life goals

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They say opposites attract but there are certain major things that will likely be dealbreakers if you're not on the same page. This includes your core values, life goals and the vision of how you want your life to be such as having children and financial habits.

If these major aspects of your lives are aligned, it's a sign that your relationship is headed in the right direction!

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