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Xiaxue’s Mum Irked By Neighbours Throwing Trash On Her Aircon Ledge, Slow Action By NEA

Xiaxue’s Mum Irked By Neighbours Throwing Trash On Her Aircon Ledge, Slow Action By NEA

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By Rachel Yohannan on 19 May 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Neighbours make all the difference when it comes to peaceful living in a HDB flat. Good neighbours look out for each other, are mindful of their noise levels, and do their best to keep common spaces clean so that everyone can enjoy them.


Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case for Mdm Doris Yip, aka Singaporean influencer Xiaxue’s mother - better known to fans as “Momo” (@yipmomo). In recent weeks, she’s been plagued by a littering problem, where her fellow block dwellers have been throwing trash onto the aircon ledges of those living on lower floors.

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Xiaxue's mum littering neighbourPhoto from @yipmomo via Instagram

Doris’ Instagram page, which has 30.3k followers, is usually filled with wholesome life updates, food pics, and photos of her adorable grandson, Dash.

However, as of late, she’s taken to the social media platform to voice her growing frustration with her neighbours’ inconsiderate littering - which lands onto her air-conditioner ledge.


The first photo in the series dated 27th April 2020 shows broken mirror shards. She shares that the neighbour usually throws cigarette butts, but this was a first. She had already sent emails to the town council, HDB, and the National Environmental Agency (NEA), and was hoping for the culprit to be caught.

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Four hour later this is what they throw again hair and a piece of broken mirror.

A post shared by Doris (@yipmomo) on

More photos were uploaded throughout the month of May, with the situation looking worse each time.

More sharp mirror pieces, more cigarette butts, and even hair - you name it.

Another photo taken from the ground floor shows the sheer amount of garbage accumulated on the ledges of those living on the 2nd and 3rd floors.


In her caption, she mentions that there’s “rotten food and other rubbish”. She has refrained from sweeping the rubbish off her own ledge, lest it ends up in other neighbours’ homes too.

She was even met with the unpleasant sight of a condom wrapper and surgical mask one day, as seen in the photo above dated 12th May 2020.

Well-meaning fans have offered all sorts of solutions, including:

  • Seeking help from an MP
  • Seeking help from Xiaxue
  • Writing in to the media
  • Making the issue public on Facebook and tagging relevant organisations
  • Collecting all the rubbish and sending it back to the unit


Doris shares that she has no idea which unit the trash is from, hence there’s zero way to solve the issue amicably by approaching the neighbours herself. She did write to her MP - it is unclear as to whether a reply has been received - but there has been no further news from the town council.


According to her, NEA did offer help by installing a CCTV camera, but removed it after a week. It has been almost a month since then.

In an update 4 days ago, she finally received a call from an NEA officer, but did not manage to obtain an email as a black-and-white record. This post was accompanied by a concerning image of cigarette butts strewn among sheets of tissue.

“The cigarette butt landed on the tissue and the tissue got lighted but was lucky didn't [catch] fire,” her caption reads. Clearly, her neighbours’ inconsiderate littering habits are starting to pose a safety hazard.

In another post on the same day, she speaks of her “neverending stress” regarding the situation, while expressing her appreciation for the foreign workers who take on the underappreciated job of being cleaners.

We hope the culprit will be dealt with real soon and that Doris and her other neighbours will no longer have to suffer this issue on a daily basis.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG