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How To Colour Correct Your Skin For A Flawless Complexion

How To Colour Correct Your Skin For A Flawless Complexion

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By Wei Yin on 09 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Do you have days where you wake up and see a few new pimples that have popped up on your face overnight?


We get how annoying it is because those fresh pimples are too difficult to cover up with just concealer. That's when colour correctors come in!

Girl with different colour correctors applied on her facePhoto from Pinterest

How it works is that the colour wheel determines which colour of concealer will work best on any imperfections you wish to cover. Colours that are opposite of one another on the colour wheel will cancel each other out, so it's best to use that particular colour for that particular spot.

It might sound difficult but this guide will help you learn how to colour correct your skin to achieve a flawless-looking complexion.

Read on to find out more!

A colour correcting palette typically comes with six different colours - peach, orange, red, green, yellow and purple. Each of these colours help to correct different areas of your face.

#1 Peach 


Peach colourPhoto from Pinterest

Use peach on your under eyes to neutralise the dullness from your dark circles on light to medium skin tones. You could also apply this colour on any dark acne scars before dabbing concealer over it.

#2 Orange

Orange colour correctorPhoto from Pinterest

Orange cancels dark circles as well as dark spots or scarring on deeper skin tones.

#3 Red

Red colour corrector Photo from Pinterest

Red will also neutralise the dullness from dark circles but works better on deeper skin tones. However, if your dark circles are really bad, you could try using red on your under eyes sparingly.


#4 Green

Green colour correctorPhoto from Pinterest

Green is opposite on the colour wheel from red so use it to calm any redness on the skin. Use this colour on any fresh pimples to cancel out the redness so that it will be easier to conceal them afterwards.

#5 Yellow

Yellow colour correctorPhoto from Pinterest

Yellow corrects pink and mild redness on the skin and is usually used on areas such as the sides of the nose and mouth.

#6 Purple

Purple colour correctorPhoto from Pinterest

Purple is used to neutralise yellowness so use it on areas such as your forehead and chin to brighten the skin and highlight.

Girl with flawless complexion taking a selfie in the carPhoto from Pinterest

Once you have blended out the different colours on your face, cover them with your usual concealer. You will most probably find that there is higher coverage as compared to just using the concealer on its own.

Pro-tip: if you find the colour correctors too dry and difficult to blend out, use a wet brush or sponge.

Remember that everybody's skin is different so analyse your own skin and use the above as a guide, but tweak it according to your skin's unique needs.

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