Live Your K-Drama Dreams With These "Itaewon Class" Outfits That Can Be Found On Taobao

Live Your K-Drama Dreams With These "Itaewon Class" Outfits That Can Be Found On Taobao

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By Amelia on 02 Apr 2020
Creative Editor

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon of watching Itaewon Class, you are missing out!

Besides the well-written script, intriguing plot, great acting and chemistry between the actors, the fashion choices in the drama also caught our attention.

So, we have curated a list of Itaewon Class fashion outfits which you can get from Taobao directly.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Kim Da-Mi as Jo Yi Seo

The drama is about how an ex-convict and his friends work together to make their dreams become reality, from opening up a small bar to dominating the entire food industry in Korea.

In the drama, Yi Seo is always seen wearing trendy clothes paired with a leather jacket, giving her the bad biker girl look. If the heat in Singapore doesn't bother you, you can purchase the leather jacket she is wearing here.

Korean girl wearing fashionable clothes
Photo from Taobao

Girl with fashionable clothes
Photo from Taobao

If you prefer something more unique, this is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe and can be purchased here.

#2 Kwon Nara as Oh Soo-ah

Actress wearing blazer
Photo from Taobao


Park Sae Royi's high school sweetheart, Oh Soo-ah is the head of the strategic planning team at Jangga Group, a renowned food company. She's often seen in trendy business and blazer outfits. If you want to replicate her #GirlBoss look, you can purchase the pink blazer here.

For those who have been eyeing on the fashionable bags that were carried by Oh Soo-ah, you can get it here.

Actress carrying white bag
Photo from Taobao

#3 Lee Joo-young as Ma Hyun-yi 

Lee Joo-young plays chef Ma Hyun-yi at DanBam bar.

Korean actress with pullover
Photo from Taobao

One outstanding fashion inspired by her is not only her striking hair colour but the comfy pullover that she can be seen wearing in the earlier episodes of the K-drama. You can find them here.

Korean girl with outerwear
Photo from Taobao

Not to forget the casual outerwear that she's always wearing. You can get it here. 

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