How To Apply Blusher According To The Occasion & Your Face Shape

How To Apply Blusher According To The Occasion & Your Face Shape

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By Wei Yin on 07 Feb 2020
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Blushers are an integral part of any makeup routine as it adds colour to your face, helping you to avoid looking like a pale sheet of paper.

The thing about blushers though, is that it's tricky to apply. Too much will make you look like a clown and the wrong way of applying will not give the best results.

So, this useful guide on how to apply blusher according to your face shape and the occasion is going to help!

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#1 For every face shape & everyday makeup looks

Blusher for everyday makeupPhoto from @yingtao_zi via 小红书

This is one of the most common blusher applications, making it suitable for everyday wear. It's also one of the easiest ways to achieve that naturally blushing look.

Ulzzang with upwards blusherPhoto from Pinterest

Start from your cheeks and swipe upwards following the shape of your cheekbones. Remember, a little goes a long way, so dab on bit by bit to prevent looking like hot mess!

#2 For every face shape & party makeup look

Blusher for party makeup lookPhoto from @yingtao_zi via 小红书

It's not as common to see blushers being applied very near the eye area but it's definitely a look to try if you are going to a party or night out.

First popularised by the Japanese, this blusher application gives you a doe-eyed look, great for those attending parties where you will be dressing up more.

Japanese girl with blusher under her eyePhoto from Pinterest

You can either apply the blusher directly on your under eye area or on the sides of your eyes, blending it in with your eyeshadow.

#3 For oval face shape & a date night look

Blusher on cheeks and nosePhoto from @yingtao_zi via 小红书


This blusher application that is suitable for those with an oval face shape will make you look like you have naturally rosy cheeks that are constantly blushing! Wear it out on a date night and your bae will not be able to take his eyes off you.

Girl applied blusher on cheeks and nosePhoto from Pinterest

Start by dabbing blusher on your cheeks, then swipe inwards and lightly over your nose. Make sure not to apply too much on your nose otherwise you might end up looking like you are having a flu!

#4 For round face shape & for work

Blush as bronzerPhoto from @yingtao_zi via 小红书

If you have a round face shape, using blusher as a bronzer is a great way to add natural-looking shadows, creating a more proportionate face.

Girl using blusher as bronzerPhoto from Pinterest

Apply the blusher only on the sides of your cheeks, swiping it downwards following the hollows of your cheeks.

This blush application is suitable for work as it will only give off a subtle colour for a professional look while retaining its slimming effect on your face.

#5 For heart-shaped/diamond face shape & a day out with friends

Blusher on apples of cheeksPhoto from @yingtao_zi via 小红书

Applying blush on the apples of your cheeks lets you give off an innocent and youthful vibe. Wear this look when you are going out for a fun day with your besties!

Girl with blusher on apples of her cheeksPhoto from Pinterest

This is suitable for those with a heart-shaped or diamond face shape as applying blush on the apples of your cheeks makes them look more supple and bouncy, and your sharp chin helps your face to avoid looking like a round ball.

Which of these blush techniques will you be trying?

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