Here Are 4 Different Ways To Make Your Wrong Foundation Shade Work

Here Are 4 Different Ways To Make Your Wrong Foundation Shade Work

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ByWei Yin on 13 Jan 2020 Digital Editor

Choosing the right foundation shade is tricky, especially if you prefer to purchase your makeup online.

Every girl who uses makeup would have definitely gotten the wrong foundation shade before but before you leave it at a corner of your vanity table to collect dust, there are actually ways for you to make it work.

Check out the four different ways below!

#1 Mix the foundation with concealer (if your foundation is too dark)

Foundation swatch
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If you bought a foundation that is slightly darker than your skin tone, try mixing it with some concealer to salvage it.

As concealers are meant to brighten and conceal any imperfections, you would have chosen a lighter shade. By mixing some of your concealer with the foundation, it lightens the shade.

Squeeze one pump of foundation and a small dollop of concealer on the back of your hand, then mix. Remember to add the concealer gradually to prevent coming up with something way too light for your skin.

#2 Use the foundation as a highlighter/bronzer

Highlight and contour
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Use the foundation that is too light for you as a highlighter by applying it on the high points of your face, then blend out.


Likewise, a foundation that is too dark for you can be used as a bronzer to contour your face.

#3 Use tinted setting powder

Brush with tinted setting powder
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Use a tinted setting powder that will help to lighten or darken your complexion slightly. Although this tip only works to a certain extent, you can consider trying it if your foundation is a little lighter or darker than your skin tone.

#4 Apply foundation on your neck too

Foundation on the jaw
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Blend your foundation down your neck as that is where any mismatched foundation is the most obvious. You probably can still get away with it if you blend the foundation down your neck so that the colour difference doesn't look that jarring.

Try out these tips and see which ones work for you!

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