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Wine Soju Is The New Soju Flavour You Have To Try

Wine Soju Is The New Soju Flavour You Have To Try

By Amanda on 20 Dec 2019
Digital Editor

Following honey soju, soju fans have something novel to look out for!


Wine soju is the new soju flavour that is gaining popularity among soju drinkers but most Koreans do not know about its existence yet.

Curious to know why? Read on to find out more!

wine sojuPhoto from @kimswinery (via Instagram)

The reason why Wine Soju is not a thing in South Korea yet is because it is not made in South Korea! Wine Soju is actually the brainchild of Kim's Winery in Ontario, Canada, combining the sweet wine aroma with the clean and crisp soju taste.

wine soju foodPhoto from @kimswinery (via Instagram)

Flavoured soju is created by diluting 95% alcohol down with water and adding flavourings. Wine soju is made by diluting the alcohol down with wine, giving it an aromatic wine scent and a smooth, clean taste. It goes well with both Korean and Western food and is best enjoyed cold.

wine sojuPhoto from @kimswinery (via Instagram)

Wine Soju is currently available in Canada only at selected restaurants and stores, although you can enquire for purchase by sending them an email. Each bottle retails for CAD 5 (~SGD 5.16) and you can check out Kim's Winery's Instagram and website for more details. If you are heading to Canada soon, you can visit one of the stores selling Wine Soju and try it for yourself!

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