Get That Peachy Skin Glow The Affordable Way This Chinese New Year

Get That Peachy Skin Glow The Affordable Way This Chinese New Year

By Wei Yin on 02 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

Radiant, glowing skin is highly coveted by all ladies because who wouldn't want a beautiful, naturally rosy peach-like complexion, right?

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While we're on the topic of skin, Chinese New Year is less than a month's time away! The yearly affair of dressing up and looking your best to usher in the New Year is not complete without having glowing skin.

However, it's definitely not easy to achieve that on our own when our skin condition changes frequently due to hormonal imbalances, hectic lifestyle, and environmental stressors. We could be suffering from flaky, dehydrated skin one day, but busy fighting zits two weeks later. Does this sound familiar?

Read on to find out how to get that peachy skin glow the affordable way in time for CNY! 

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Peachy Skin Bar is Singapore's first bespoke membership skin bar that offers flexibility and a lifetime of amazing membership privileges. Welcome to #ThePeachyClub!

Don't we all hate it when we get pressured into signing up for packages at other beauty salons? At Peachy Skin Bar, you won't have to worry about pushy sales or expensive packages as they believe customers should get the best value by having bespoke treatments during every visit. Without restrictive packages, you can enjoy more flexibility and cherry pick what's best for your skin.

Skin bars are the latest beauty trend sweeping through top cities such as New York and Los Angeles, serving up accessible beauty with a dash of luxury, and Peachy Skin Bar aims to bring this skincare sensation to everyone in Singapore.

Located in a prime location mere minutes away from Suntec City and Bugis, we went down to try out their Omakase Facial that is entirely customised by their therapists according to each individual's skin needs as its name suggests.

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Upon stepping into Peachy Skin Bar, we were blown away by the dreamy and intimate ambience. Decked out in an adorable peach pink colour with soothing French jazz music playing in the background, the skin bar feels like every girl's dream!

A short consultation will be done prior the treatment to understand your skin concerns and lifestyle habits.  After that, head in to the treatment area and relax in a plush and comfortable seat.

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If you are there alone, the curtains will be drawn to give you utmost privacy but if you wish to spend some girl time with your bestie or loved one during the facial, the curtains can be put away.

After a thorough double cleansing, the therapist proceeded with my skin analysis.

As self-love is key for a peachy good time, there wasn't any judgement from the therapist or fear mongering over my skin condition during the treatment. It was an indulging experience without having to worry about whether I will be asked to do any top-ups for additional add-ons.

True to Peachy Skin Bar's philosophy of offering bespoke treatments, the therapist then custom blended products and aesthetic devices for my skin.

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The Omakase Facial treatment started off with a peel to remove dead skin. Extraction was then done to clear up any clogged pores and the pain level was low as the therapist was very gentle.

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Next, the therapist used an oxygen spray infused with collagen solution to boost circulation on the face, leaving the skin hydrated and plump. High concentrations of oxygen triggers the body's healing function and refreshes the skin too.

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After the oxygen spray, the therapist applied a vino stem cell ampoule before proceeding to the next step – an oxygen pulsing device that will help the active ingredients of the ampoule and oxygen to penetrate deeper into the skin.

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In the 70-minute session, I wasn't left dozing off half the time as the therapist dedicatedly packed the treatment with a face, décolletage, and hand massage on the house. It was really pampering and relaxing. You might even doze off during the massage because that's how good it was, so use that time to catch up on some beauty sleep!

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For the final step, a stem cell mask was applied followed by a cryogenic machine to start on cryotherapy. The cryotherapy machine could go to as low as -15 degree Celsius that will leave the face looking younger and firmer.

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This step helps to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and minimise pores. If you are worried about the cold, fret not! It was completely bearable and felt really good on the skin.

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My complexion was initially dull with pigmentation and acne scars around the cheek and nose. Although they are not completely gone (which is honestly understandable), you can see that the pigmentation and dull spots were significantly lightened.

My skin also looked a lot brighter and even. If you focus on the pores around my nose, you can see that they are smaller and less obvious in the after photo.

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If you think you will be subjected to a barrage of questions and bombarded with pushy sales tactics by the therapist at the end of the session, you will be surprised. Instead, they will treat you to a complimentary bubbly while you chill in their cosy lounge space. No pushy sales talk but just a friendly chat about the treatment and some of their latest promotions.

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Undoubtedly, the best thing about Peachy Skin Bar is #ThePeachyClub. Being a member of #ThePeachyClub opens up a world of amazing benefits and privileges such as a whopping 50% off facials, discounts on add-ons, and access to member only promotions. Top up your Peachy Wallet and earn bonus credits that can be used for any facial. Joining the club means you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket to get that peachy skin glow!

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, try out their signature Omakase Facial for a quick peachy skin glow with this irresistible CNY promotion!

Simply schedule an appointment between 1st to 31st January 2020 and enjoy the Omakase Facial + Double Chin Treatment at only $88 (U.P $550)!

Advance booking is required to enjoy this promotion. For appointments, call 6970 4194 or WhatsApp them at 8892 3378 .

Peachy Skin Bar
?371 Beach Rd, #01-13 City Gate, Singapore 199597
⏰ 11AM - 9PM daily

Getting dewy, radiant skin in time for Chinese New Year doesn't seem that unachievable anymore, does it?

This post is brought to you by Peachy Skin Bar. 

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