How To Achieve Flawless Skin Like The Japanese

How To Achieve Flawless Skin Like The Japanese

By Wei Yin on 14 Jan 2020
Digital Editor

Move aside, K-beauty. The J-beauty trend is back and we are ready to jump on the bandwagon!

Having an even and bright complexion is of utmost importance to the Japanese so it's no surprise their skin look so flawless. The Japanese also like to focus on having good skin with minimal makeup usage.

Japanese lady touching her facePhoto from Presslogic

Meanwhile in Singapore, as we live in a hot and humid climate that also subjects our skin to harmful environmental stressors, achieving a radiant and spotless complexion will take a bit more effort.

Read on to find out how!

Did you know that Ya Hui, the Mediacorp Artiste, is a fan of J-beauty as well? She shared that her definition of good skin is having no dark spots and feels soft and supple while looking like it glows from within.

Whenever her skin needs some pick-me-up, Shakura is her go-to place as she always walks away with clearer, radiant and fairer skin. Ya Hui is now an ambassador of Shakura, the whitening and pigmentation specialist from Japan.

We tried out the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment, Shakura's signature treatment that gives the skin clarity, translucency, radiance and fairness to see if it does what it claims. 

Model doing consultation with specialistPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Upon stepping into Shakura, I was escorted to a room for a personalised consultation with the friendly consultant where I got to share unreservedly about my skin concerns in a private session.

The consultant inquired about my lifestyle habits, the products I use, skin needs, and more and offered appropriate advice.

Model doing skin analysisPhoto from GirlStyle SG

An in-depth skin analysis was also done to understand my skin condition.

Specialist explaining about the skin conditionPhoto from GirlStyle SG

After the skin analysis, the consultant explained that I had freckles on and around my nose, discolouration in my skin tone and some pimples on the cheeks.

The entire consultation process lasted around 15 to 20 minutes and I took the time share my concerns and clarified any doubts. The friendly consultant was more than happy to answer my questions!

We proceeded to the treatment room after the consultation. Albeit small, the room was cosy and clean and the dimly lit lights lulled me into a relaxed state.

Removing makeup using makeup removerPhoto from GirlStyle SG

The Miroko™ Whitening Treatment started off with a gentle double cleansing. The skin is cleansed with makeup remover and cleansing milk to remove any makeup and gunk.

Softening mask applied on facePhoto from GirlStyle SG

A sheet mask was then applied to soften any dead skin cells and restore the skin's moisture level to prep the skin for extraction.

Extraction processPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Extraction can be unbearable for some but the consultant was really gentle and made sure to check up on me periodically to make sure I feel all right.

First transparent enzymePhoto from GirlStyle SG

This is when they whip out the magic ingredient of the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment, the specially formulated Shakura Active Formula. It includes natural ingredients like Milk Essence and Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (Roselle) that are enriched with Vitamin C and Amino Acids.

Applying milk enzymePhoto from GirlStyle SG

The powerful and nourishing formula is effective yet gentle, making it suitable for all skin types. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and break down melanin, removing pigmentation while encouraging cell regeneration to achieve an overall brightening effect.

The skin will be revitalised with boosted radiance and reduced pigmentation including dark spots, acne marks and post-natal pigmentation.

Shoulder massagePhoto from GirlStyle SG

The consultant also included additional services such as a shoulder massage on the house!

Aqua maskPhoto from GirlStyle SG

The Aqua Shine Mask was then applied to brighten dull skin, soothe and calm the skin, and provide intensive hydration to repair the skin's moisture barrier.

To end off the whole treatment, the consultant applied eye gel, moisturiser and sun block to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Front before and afterPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Shakura's Four Care Elements ensures that the treatment visibly lightens pigmentation to give your skin more clarity, gives your skin an optimal hydration for bounciness and translucency, exfoliates dead skin cells for a smooth, silky soft texture, revealing your skin's radiance and evens out your skin tone for a whitening effect.

After one session, the freckles on my nose and especially my cheeks were visibly lightened. Even though I went through extraction, my skin did not look swollen or red which is another plus point! You won't have to worry about walking out with red patches on your face that strangers would stare at.

Side before and after photosPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Other parts of my face such as the cheek area had discolouration but after the treatment, my skin tone looked much more even and brighter. Psst, I had no makeup on!

Collagen drinkPhoto from GirlStyle SG

After the treatment, I sat down and enjoyed a cup of collagen drink while speaking with the consultant and observing how much my skin had improved in just one session!

Skincare set from ShakuraPhoto from GirlStyle SG

I also received a set of specialised aftercare products to bring home so that I could continue feeding my skin with the right products to make the effects of the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment last.

What we liked about Shakura is that it's not just a place to go for facial treatments. After each session, an SMS will be sent for you to share your experience, as part of their WeCare customers' assurance program. You know you are in good hands even after the facial.

Ya Hui also shared in an interview with Shakura that she felt so relaxed and fell asleep a few minutes into the treatment and I can attest to that too! The entire treatment was pampering and practically painless that one can fall asleep and take a beauty nap.

Model walking out of ShakuraPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Thinking of trying the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment? You’re in luck! Shakura is currently offering a promotion so you can try out the treatment for yourself.

Promotion details:
- $48 for 1 Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment + 1 FREE skincare set
- Click here to sign up
- Exclusively for new customers with pigmentation or other skin concerns, aged 19 & above only

Shakura has outlets islandwide so you can choose one that is near you. Jump on the J-beauty bandwagon too and try out it out for yourself!

This post is brought to you by Shakura Pigmentation Beauty Pte Ltd. 

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