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6 Lovely & Rosy Blush Colours Perfect For Autumn & Winter

6 Lovely & Rosy Blush Colours Perfect For Autumn & Winter

By Amanda on 27 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

Autumn and winter are considered to be the duller seasons of the four so it's time to put on some blush to add some colour to our face. Although Singapore does not have autumn and winter, we also can do with some lovely, flushed cheeks in light of the recent dreary, rainy weather.


Blushes in autumn and winter are usually matte, giving your face a soft, rosy look without too much fanfare, which is why we picked these matte blushes with a stronger colour payoff.

Scroll on to check out our blush picks!

#1 MAC Raizin Powder Blush, $22 from MAC

mac raizin blushPhoto from @蜜桃姐姐 (via 小红书)

This deep rose colour is perfect for autumn and winter and blends well with contour powders. The colour payoff is strong so go easy when blending in on your face!

#2 Clinique Cheek Cola Pop, $40 from Sephora 

clinique cola popPhoto from @蜜桃姐姐 (via 小红书)


This gorgeous plum hue is one you must have in your makeup pouch! The colour is perfect for the dreary autumn and winter weathers as it makes your face brighter and more radiant.

#3 Laura Mercier Kir Royale, $49 from Sephora

laura mercier kir royalePhoto from @蜜桃姐姐 (via 小红书)

This colour lies on the spectrum between dusty rose and plum, making it a unique colour that most people won't have! Slowly build up the colour to one that suits you as this colour is suitable for girls with different skin tones.

#4 LA Girl 496, $12.90 from Lazada

la girl 496Photo from @蜜桃姐姐 (via 小红书)

This is a great choice for girls on a budget. This pretty pinkish-plum colour will definitely give girls with cool undertones the best bang for your buck and a lovely rosy hue for your cheeks.

#5 Canmake Cream Cheeks 16 Almond Terracotta, $12.90 from Lazada

canmake cream cheek 16Photo from @蜜桃姐姐 (via 小红书)

This blush with a terracotta orange tinge to it is perfect for girls with a warm undertone. The cream nature of this blush makes it great for girls with dry skin as well as it blends with your skin seamlessly.

#6 Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks 10, $17.90 from Watsons

canmake glow fleur 10Photo from @蜜桃姐姐 (via 小红书)

This blush has a slight shimmer to it, perfect for girls who want a brighter colour on their face! The lovely orangery-red hue is great for girls with a warm undertone and the flower and ribbon motifs on the blush is so pretty as well!

Which one of these is your favourite? If  you have no idea how to put on blush, you can check out our blush tips here! Get rosy cheeks this autumn and winter with one of these blushes! ?❄️

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