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5 Autumn/Winter 2019 Runway Fashion Trends You Can Incorporate Into Daily Wear

5 Autumn/Winter 2019 Runway Fashion Trends You Can Incorporate Into Daily Wear

By Amanda on 01 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

Hot girl summer is over and we are moving into muted autumn tones that are more suitable for the working crowds. Looking at the runway trends for Autumn/Winter 2019, we have curated some styles that you can incorporate into your outfits on a day to day basis.


Keep up with the fashion trends and scroll on to find out what you should wear for the rest of the year!

#1 Dark Florals

GivenchyPhoto from Givenchy

CoachPhoto from Coach

Long, flowy dark florals seem to be in vogue now so keep a look out for dark floral dresses this autumn/winter. Pair them with heels for an elegant look or sneakers for a fun look!

#2 Suits

LemairePhoto from Lemaire


Michael KorsPhoto from Michael Kors

Matching suits from top to bottom seem to be a popular choice at the Autumn Winter 2019 shows. Try some matching blazer outfits to make a fashion statement at work.

#3 Millenial Purple

Tom FordPhoto from Tom Ford

Kate SpadePhoto from Kate Spade

An extension from 2018's Millennial Pink, the Millennial Purple is a lovely lavender hue found on many fashion pieces this year. Incorporate the purple in your daily outfits for a lovely look.

#4 Asymmetrical Necklines

Michael Kors A/W 2019 runwayPhoto from Michael Kors

Caroline Herrera Fall 2019 lookPhoto from Carolina Herrera

Show off some skin with these asymmetrical necklines that are back in fashion again. Asymmetrical necklines can accentuate your frame and will make a good fashion statement for less formal office wear.

#5 Satin

Tom FordPhoto from Tom Ford

BalenciagaPhoto from Balenciaga

This glossy fabric is back in style again and they are perfect for office wear for their luxurious and formal look. Add a satin blouse to your office ensemble or go luxe with satin pyjamas to wear at home.

Which of these fashion trends will you wear? Share this post with someone who will love to incorporate runway fashion trends to their outfits!

Text by: GirlStyle SG