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Your Birthstone And Its Benefits According To Your Birth Month

Your Birthstone And Its Benefits According To Your Birth Month

By Wei Yin on 23 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

Did you know that there is a birthstone associated with your birth month? Birthstones are said to bring good luck and healing properties to the wearer!


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Read on to find out more about your birthstone and its benefits! 

January - Garnet

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The garnet stone is commonly a dark red colour and symbolises peace, prosperity and good health.

Benefits of garnet:
- Assist with changing bad behaviours
- Improve self-confidence and open the heart to new possibilities
- Turns negative energy into positive, giving you courage to face challenging situations

February - Amethyst 


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The amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz stone that is often associated with qualities of peace, courage and stability.

Benefits of amethyst:
- Said to protect against psychic attack, paranormal or ill-wishing activities
- Calms and soothes emotions
- Helps to curb overindulgence and bad habits

March - Aquamarine

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The aquamarine is a stone in a light blue green shade that aids with emotional healing.

Benefits of aquamarine:
- Heals emotional trauma
- Clears the mind and relieves stress
- Cools hot-tempers and eases conflicts

April - Diamond


Treat yourself to a diamond ring or necklace, April babies! ? Pretty sure we don't have to describe much about this stone as diamonds are already every girl's best friend ?

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But not many know about the benefits this gorgeous stone brings to its wearers!

Benefits of diamond:
- Renowned for enhancing beauty and luck
- Improves one's energy
- Increases feelings of self-respect

May - Emerald

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Emerald is a rich green colour stone that is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love.

Benefits of emerald:
- Improves efficiency and helps you gain wisdom
- Improves communication skills by bestowing confidence to its wearer
- Helps to deal with stressful relationships


June - Moonstone

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With its moon-like sheen, the moonstone influences behaviours and emotions.

Benefits of moonstone:
- Opens the heart and assists with accepting love
- Balances and heals emotions
- Cleanses and dispels negativity

July - Ruby

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The ruby is considered the king of gems and represents love, health and wisdom.

Benefits of ruby:
- Encourages a positive and more courageous state of mind
- Helps develop a more loving attitude toward oneself


August - Peridot 

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Peridot is a light green colour stone that symbolises strength.

Benefits of peridot:
- Helps dissipate negative emotions keeping one from realising they deserve success
- Cleanses and heals hurt feelings, lessening anger, jealousy and resentment
- Stimulates psychological clarity

September - Sapphire 

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The sapphire comes in a rich blue colour that represents loyalty and trust.

Benefits of sapphire:
- Calms you down and helps the mind focus
- Releases mental tension and unwanted thoughts
- Can help in soothing insomnia


October - Opal 

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The opal symbolises faithfulness and confidence.

Benefits of opal:
- Eases stress
- Encourages positivity and loving feelings
- Antidotes to racing minds and restless thoughts

November - Citrine

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The citrine carries the power of the sun and is warm and comforting.

Benefits of citrine:
- Assists in acquiring and maintaining health
- Raises self-esteem and inspires creativity
- Eases feelings of helplessness

December - Turquoise 

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The oldest stone in man's history, the turquoise is a stone of protection.

Benefits of turquoise:
- A strengthening stone that is good for exhaustion
- Improves overall mood and emotions
- Dispels negative energy

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