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A First Look At The Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival Pop-Up At Gardens by the Bay

A First Look At The Upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival Pop-Up At Gardens by the Bay

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By elaine.kiew on 05 Aug 2019

Move over, River Hongbao. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) is taking over.



GBTB has transformed various parts of its garden into an oriental-themed playground with stunning light installations as well as rock islands filling up the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes.

There are six main highlights this year and the most notable one has got to be this Dragon Dance bridge installation.


The traditional Chinese cultural dance believed to bring good luck to people has been recreated into a vibrant and illuminating bridge for us to marvel at. Pretty, isn't it? ?

Remember the rock islands we mentioned earlier? Here's how the Water Colours section has brought them to life! ?



If you noticed, some of the rock islands are also accompanied by waterfalls, cranes as well as fishermen. Wow!

Since it is the Mid-Autumn Festival, how can there not be lanterns?


Here at the Lattice of Lights installation, beautiful lanterns in warm shades of yellow, orange and red with intricate oriental designs are lit and displayed close to the ceiling, mimicking the sight of a thousand Kongming lanterns.

While you walk around GBTB, don't miss out on these lanterns that can help you soak in the festivities!


Besides the official installations, there is also a chance for you to try your hand at these lantern painting workshops. If you are planning to visit this pop-up festival with your significant other or family, don't miss this activity!


If you are tired after all that walking (GBTB is huge!), indulge in some food here at the Mid-Autumn pop-up market!


The Mid-Autumn Festival pop-up will be happening from Fri, 30 Aug to Sun, 15 Sep 2019. If you are a fan of all things festive, make sure you head down with your loved ones!

Who would you visit this place with? ? Share this post with all your kakis and get them to mark their calendars!

Photos: Singapore Atrium Sale (via Facebook)
Text by: GirlStyle SG