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5 Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend With This Chinese Valentine's

5 Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend With This Chinese Valentine's

By elaine.kiew on 26 Jul 2019

If you are the kind of girlfriend who loves celebrating all the festivals and special anniversaries, we hope you added Qixi Festival (aka Chinese Valentine's) to your calendar!


Qixi Festival is a popular festival observed by the Chinese and Japanese, where the annual meeting of the cowherd and the weaver girl is celebrated. This year, it is happening on 7 August.

If you want to surprise your partner, take a look at this gift list with products under $250 for your consideration! ❤️

#1 Huawei FreeLace Earphones ($128)


If your boyfriend is a music enthusiast, consider getting him a durable pair of earphones like Huawei's FreeLace!

In Singapore, the FreeLace is available in three colourways and they are Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Emerald Green. We gave the striking Amber Sunrise a try and loved how its HiPair function paired with our smartphone easily (even though we don't own any Huawei devices!).

Though the earphones' nodes are longer than the usual Bluetooth earphones we see in the market, it rests on our neck comfortably. When not in use, its in-built Hall magnetic sensor would connect the earbuds - a sign that the earphones are not in use hence switching off the device, helping it to conserve battery. Like this! ?


HuaweiPhoto from Huawei

If you need another reason to purchase it, you'd be happy to know it has 18 hours of playback which means your partner can enjoy music during his daily commute and working hours without having to worry about charging it!

Purchase it here

#2 Razer's Mercury Collection ($99-$250)

RazerPhoto from Razer

Razer probably needs no introduction. This gaming hardware and accessories company is one of the biggest brands in the world of eSports. If your partner is a gamer, he is probably a fan!

Their recent Mercury collection reimagined some of their iconic products such as the Razer Lancehead Tournament mouse and Razer Kraken into light shades of mercury and they are gorgeous.

Check them out here


#3 Ted Baker Grenada Wallet & Cardholder ($127)


If you are wondering if it's wise to get your boyfriend a wallet or cardholder, think no further. Wallets and cardholders would definitely come in handy for the gents. Besides cash, there are still credit/debit cards, driver's license, identity cards and more to be stored.


Ted Baker is known for their chic and fashion-forward designs loved by many. Though their female arm has stolen the limelight in recent years, their men's collection is still one to look out for.

Their Grenada wallet and cardholder is an example. Don't hesitate to get it for your boyfie!

Check it out here 

#4 G-Shock digital S-SERIES Black Watch ($220)

Photos: GirlStyle SG, Huawei
Text by: GirlStyle SG