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Converse Debuts Their Lightest Chuck Taylors Ever: The 'Skeleton Shoes'

Converse Debuts Their Lightest Chuck Taylors Ever: The 'Skeleton Shoes'

By christinelai on 29 Jun 2019

Converse has been around since the early 1900s but they are not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, they are making history again with the latest Clear Chuck Taylor All Star, a collection that is said to be their lightest ever!


Here's a sneak peek!




The latest Chuck Taylor All Star model comes pretty in pink and white in a high-cut transparent body sneaker that resembles a 'skeleton' design. It is also made of a special All-Star Light Clear Material, with renewed insole and outsole, to give it the perfect form and lightness.



The anticipated kicks just got a July 2019 release date in Japan with sizes running from 22.5 to 28.0, and 29.0 to 30.0. If you are heading to Japan later this month, pop by a Converse store to check this pair out!

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Photos: Converse
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