Arnold Palmer Drops Another Hello Kitty Collection That Is Pinky Yet Classy

Arnold Palmer Drops Another Hello Kitty Collection That Is Pinky Yet Classy

By GirlStyle on 01 Feb 2019

Say hello to Arnold Palmer's Kaleidoscope collection.

If you are an avid Hello Kitty fan you must have heard of Arnold Palmer and their epic Hello Kitty collection but if you are hearing it for the first time, you are in for a treat as they are ushering in spring with a Kaleidoscope collection.

Arnold Palmer
Photo from Arnold Palmer

This collection features a series of wallet, coin pouch, bucket bag, makeup pouch and various kinds of shoulder bags in a print that Arnold Palmer has never experimented with before. At first glance, we almost thought it is LV or MCM.

Regardless of whether you are into tote bags with high volumes of storage space or a handy one just enough to store your daily essentials, you can surely find the bag here. Let's take a look at the collection! 

Arnold Palmer
Photo from Arnold Palmer


# Coin Pouch

This coin pouch may be small but it sure packs a punch with its heart-shaped design.M-3(2)

Adorned with a gold chain and Arnold Palmer's trademark umbrella logo in gold, it sure makes a timeless piece.


# Wallets

The wallets in this series are one to look out for too.

Regardless of whether you are after a small and handy purse to stuff in your jeans or a long wallet to store your all your credit cards and keep your cash neatly in place, this collection's got you.

2 They even came up with a lanyard to keep your office's access cards or EZ-Link cards in place. Oh, it comes with an additional compartment for you to store your coins too.


# Shoulder Bags

There is an occasion for every bag but shoulder bags happen to be one that we girls can rock it anytime, anywhere.


One of our favourites in this Arnold Palmer x Hello Kitty collection is definitely this saddle bag. Guess what? It also comes along with this adorable Hello Kitty plushie adorned with an Arnold Palmer umbrella logo~ *adds to cart*


Every girl needs to own at least one bucket bag in their life and this could be it!


Want a bag you can carry it or sling it? This is it!


# Backpacks

If you are someone who needs bags with large storage space, invest in a backpack. And no, you won't look lame because this series is designed for the fashionable.





Saw a bag you fancy? While Arnold Palmer does not ship to Singapore yet, you can always get someone to buy it back for you here.

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Photos: Arnold Palmer
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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