McDonald's Japan Has Turned Into A Sweet Haven For Caramel Lovers

McDonald's Japan Has Turned Into A Sweet Haven For Caramel Lovers

By GirlStyle on 23 Jan 2019

We've seen McDonald's Japan launch its Strawberry Chocolate Triangle about a month back. Now, the Japanese counterpart of the fast-food giant has released its next sweet treat and it's probably going to blow your mind.

Introducing the latest Caramel Triangle Pie, this latest addition will definitely be a hit among caramel lovers!

This delectable, savoury pastry will be making its way to McDonald's Japan outlets on 23 January 2019. Many fans have been anticipating this launch ever since McDonald's Japan announced the arrival of the Caramel Triangle Pie on it's official Twitter account.

Twitter @McDonaldsJapan
Photo from Twitter @McDonaldsJapan

This jolly dessert comes with a crispy layer of pie and is filled with a generous serving of sticky, runny caramel chocolate filling that's made from slightly burnt sugar.

Twitter @advantage1013
Photo from Twitter @advantage1013

As if that's not enough to overwhelm your taste buds, McDonald's Japan also has another caramel dessert available on their menu!

Instagram @nitefever
Photo from Instagram @nitefever

The Caramel McFlurry has been on the menu since 2017 and has been a huge hit among the Japanese.

Instagram @urfoodbuddies
Photo from Instagram @urfoodbuddies

If you're heading to Japan anytime soon, don't forget to try out this yummy dessert. And if you love caramel, all the more you should not give this a miss. Know anyone who loves caramel? Share this post with them!

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