She Thought Henna Can Mask Her Acne Scars But It Turns Out DIsastrous!

She Thought Henna Can Mask Her Acne Scars But It Turns Out DIsastrous!

By GirlStyle on 11 Jan 2019

Want to mask your acne scars? This girl, Naomi Jon, thought of a brilliant idea that might work but the problem is, she was too ambitious. Can henna really help to mask acne scars as a form of distraction from other flaws on your skin?

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Let's go!

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Midway, she realized it may be a bad decision but she continued to trust her instinct and never gave up. She has so much confidence in this idea that she did it on a Sunday morning.

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The freckles are too thick and dark. She needs a remedy and it's time for foundation and super coverage concealer.

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It will not cover but it did become better. She tried removing part of the concealer at the end of the video and you can clearly see the difference. We learned from this experiment to always do a 'patch test' to determine if a new idea can work.

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She finished the video with, "How to get henna off" Click here to watch the full video.

There are two ways to look at it:

1) Never use Henna to cover freckles. This girl learned it the hard way.

2) This idea could possibly work. Trial on a small area first. Use a lighter shade of henna and squeeze out from a smaller nozzle for precision and small subtle freckles.

If you think freckles are cute and you want them on a semi-permanent basis, this girl's idea can give you a headstart to having the temporary freckles you always wanted!

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