Be A Real-Life Belle With Exclusive Belle Engagement Ring. It's So Pretty And It Cost...

Be A Real-Life Belle With Exclusive Belle Engagement Ring. It's So Pretty And It Cost...

By GirlStyle on 11 Dec 2018

Be the Belle on your wedding day! The perfect setting, hair, gown, makeup and most importantly, marrying the man of your dreams!

You know what's the best bonus? It is when the man finds the perfect wedding ring (lowkey means a ring that you actually really like!)


K.UNO, a well-known Japanese jewellery brand, often introduces jewelry that is co-branded with Disney.

They launched wedding rings from the "Beauty and the Beast" series. We kid you not, it is so dayum good!


Inspired by the eternal rose that represents the love story of Beauty and the beast, it conveys the strong feelings of characters' mutual trust and love beyond skin deep.


Replay the moment when he asked, "will you marry me?" Even humorous guy will put on an air of seriousness for this once-in-a-lifetime question.


You know what's the best part? Slightly tilt your fingers and you will see a complete rose wrapped under its diamond claws.

The Enchanted Rose ring is priced at ¥274,000 (or $3330 SGD). Material: Platinum 950 × K18 Pink gold, Dia 0.2 ct.
*Prices dependent on the stone you use as well.

The next ring is inspired by the gorgeous ballroom scene when Belle and the beast dance after realizing that they both have mutual feelings for each other, beyond the friendship.

It's what we called, a DTR (define the relationship) dance.


Notice the details? This ring incorporates the pillars of the ballroom and the skirts of Belle in the design to create a beautiful openwork ring.  The creator's note states, "To the two who communicate with one 's kindness, feelings ...."


The Ballroom Ring is priced at ¥241,000 (or $2925 SGD)
Material: K18 Yellow Gold, Dia 0.2 c / 0.06 ct
*Prices dependent on the stone you use as well.



They also have matching couple rings (for both the man and the woman) who prefer to have matching engagement rings. Of course, the designs are way more classic, without the details.


Chip Exclusive Ring
This is a made-to-order ring. This ring is set with pearl, emerald, color diamonds and featuring one of the most beloved Beauty & The Beast character, Chip.

Prices vary, refer to the store's reference price!


There's nothing more dreamy and perfect than being proposed to with a Disney ring! Who wouldn't mind?

Visit the store here for more information.

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Photo Source: K.UNO official website
Text By: Girlstyle SG

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