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If You've Ever Wondered How Disney Princesses Would Smell, Try This Perfume Stick!

If You've Ever Wondered How Disney Princesses Would Smell, Try This Perfume Stick!

By elaine.kiew on 09 Dec 2018

If you are the kind who likes to leave a fragrant trail wherever you go but thinks that regular perfume bottles are inconvenient to bring around, try this!


Just recently, Japanese perfume giant FITS  launched a new series of perfume stick with a Disney-themed packaging and we are absolutely in love.

Let's find out more about them together ♡


Featuring six different fragrances themed Love, Happy, Cheer, Thanks, Wish and Dream, each of them comes in unique packaging based on Disney characters like Mickey Mouse (Love),  Minnie Mouse (Happy), Chip 'n' Dale (Cheer), Belle (Thanks), Ariel (Wish) and Rapunzel Dream).

Regardless of whether you are going for that cute, sweet, fresh or elegant vibes, FITS got you covered because these perfume sticks are engineered to suit girls with different styles.

Here's what each fragrance stands for.





Perfume sticks are generally convenient to bring around but they have more than just one function. This multifunctional perfume stick allows you to use it on your body (duh), hair and even on your love letters!

prs_02cIf you have a knack for DIY crafts (especially now since it's the season of giving), consider adding your own scent to it and seal them up with love 

Here's a closer look at the Disney perfume sticks.

# Belle (Thanks)


# Ariel (Wish)



# Rapunzel (Dream)


# Mickey Mouse (Love)


# Minnie Mouse (Happy)


# Chip 'n' Dale (Cheer)


The FITS Disney perfume sticks are currently going at ¥1620 (SGD$20) on their online store here. Too bad their website is all in Japanese :(

So if you're buying it, do get someone who knows Japanese to shop for you.

It's been a wonderful year filled with all sorts of cute Disney merchandise but we would like to think that this is just one slice of the cake! Stay tuned for more beauty and lifestyle insights ♡

Photos: Fits Japan
Text by: GirlStyle SG