7 Weird Ways People Tried To Draw The Perfect 'Eyeliner'

7 Weird Ways People Tried To Draw The Perfect 'Eyeliner'

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By GirlStyle on 11 Dec 2018

When we hit a problem, we get creative. Of course, we first have to deal with all the frustrations and self-doubt. There's nothing really that can replace eyeliner so we keep trying and retrying until we get it right. 

The perfect eyeliner doesn't look that hard, but a matter of fact, it really is. That is until you found your unique way after countless attempts!

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Here are 7 creative ways you can try to make it work:

The Tape
Be sure to only use tapes which are safe for your skin. The skin around your eye area is the most sensitive.

If you use regular scotch tapes, it will leave a good red mark on your face temporarily. You wouldn't want to try.


A Dental Floss?!
It's hard to be even more creative than this.

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Stretch your eyelid and hold it there.
Start with a super thin line then layer it slowly. Don't try to wing it until you draw a line from the inner corner to the outer corner first. To make it easier and more precise, stretch your eyelid and hold it there while you draw!


Note: If you're using liquid eyeliner or marker-tip, do let it dry before moving on.

The Name Card Ruler.
Don't know what to do with all your unwanted business cards?

For those who want a sharp visible wing, use a name card as a guide. It's a convenient tool and you can reuse it multiple times.


"Exactly The Way I Want It" Tape Template
A terrific beginner's start, this way you can avoid layering it too thick. It's mainly for the ending portion. Once you get the wing right, you just have to fill in the easier eye line from your inner corner to your wing.


The Paper Template
For some, it means a simple template cut on a thick paper. Flip the side for your other eyes for a symmetrical eyeliner effect.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 6.20.28 PM

The Spoon Guide
Use the longer end of the spoon as a ruler to extend from your lower lash line. Then, use the curve of a spoon to mark the thickness of the wings.


If all else fails, try this bonus tip!

Use a thin-tipped eyeliner to first draw the outline of the wing before filling it or drawing the eye line. Once you're satisfied, simply colour it in and you're good to proceed!


Perfect Eyeliner completed. It's really hard to go wrong with this!

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