JJ Lin's Latest Cover Of Yanxi Palace Soundtrack Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed

JJ Lin's Latest Cover Of Yanxi Palace Soundtrack Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed

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By GirlStyle on 08 Nov 2018

We thought we are over Yanxi Palace but this cover just brought back all our feels.

JJ Lin is known to nail every single live performance and his covers on past music TV shows have always been phenomenal.

Now that he's back on screen for Sound of My Dream 3, he continues to wow fans all over the world.

In the latest episode, JJ made a bold move by covering「Sound Of The Falling Snow 雪落下的声音」, a famous soundtrack off the hit Chinese drama The Story of Yanxi Palace.


If you've watched Yanxi Palace, you'd recall that this song is always used in the saddest scenes and we'd say it represents Ying Luo's and Fu Heng's ill-fated love.

Remember when they were first getting to know each other?

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And when Fu Heng swore he'd make Ying Luo his wife?

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And when their circumstances changed so much everything is no longer in their control?

Photo from The Story Of Yanxi Palace

Though he couldn't be next to Ying Luo, Fu Heng was always watching her from afar, ensuring her safety.

Towards the end of the show, Ying Luo was poisoned after an attempt to save 5th Prince Yong Qi. Every physician deemed her case as 'hopeless' and just when all seemed to be lost, Fu Heng found the antidote for Ying Luo.

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Though he was in a battlefield miles away, he risked his life to get that antidote. Even if it means sacrificing his life, it was worth it as long as he could protect Ying Luo.

Fu Heng fought till his last breath during the battlefield and entrusted Hai Lan Cha with the antidote. He also got the latter to pass his last message to Ying Luo:

Wei Ying Luo, I've already protected you enough in this lifetime.
In the next lifetime, can you protect me instead?

Ying Luo then teared and replied silently, "Okay, I promise you."


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If there's another lifetime, let's hope that Ying Luo and Fu Heng have a happily ever after T_T

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