You Can Now Style Your Hair And Walk With An (H)air of Confidence With This Gadget!

You Can Now Style Your Hair And Walk With An (H)air of Confidence With This Gadget!

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By GirlStyle on 16 Oct 2018

Girls, you can now curl, straighten and blow your hair with air. What a time to be alive.

If you've seen videos circulating around on social media, you might have noticed how this device can attract hair with some mysterious force and have it wrap around the device effortlessly.

Photo from Dyson

Powered by the Dyson V9 motor, the all-new Dyson Airwrap makes use of airflow technology, one that's also known as the 'Coanda Effect'.

It is actually redirecting air to create a vortex, pulling things closer – in this case, hair – to curl it. When you wrap your hair around the curler, the pressurised air vacuum can use either heated or cooled air to curl your hair.

Photo from Byrdie

Unlike the normal iron curlers, this gadget heats up to a maximum of 150°C as compared to regular curlers or straighteners that goes up to 200°C to 300°C.  Say goodbye to heat protection sprays and burns!

Photo from Dyson

Another highlight is that we can style our hair while it's damp.

Say, you're rushing for work in the morning; you can now skip the part where you have to blow your hair dry and go straight to getting those bouncy curls. If you want your curls to last longer, consider investing in a hair essence to complete that haircare routine!


The Airwrap comes with 6 brushes and curlers, all with different functions to curl or smooth out frizzy hair.


It also comes with a 'pre-styling dryer' head that works just as well as regular hairdryers... sans the extreme heat. To help us girls straighten our hair with ease, they also included a brush where we can use to comb out our frizzy, untamed hair.


Believe us when we say we are so stoked for this product. The only downside is that we can all expect to burn a big hole in our pockets if we're really getting it. Though prices aren't out for Singapore yet, it's currently going at USD$550 in the US. Can you can imagine how much it will cost when it finally lands in Singapore?

What's the max you'd pay for this styling gadget?

Photos: Dyson, Xiao Hong Shu
Text by: Girlstyle SG

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