「The Story of Yanxi Palace」Saddest Episode Ever! Recap Of Empress Fuca Rongyin's Tragic Death T_T

「The Story of Yanxi Palace」Saddest Episode Ever! Recap Of Empress Fuca Rongyin's Tragic Death T_T

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By GirlStyle on 25 Sep 2018

One of the saddest moments. Ever.

Though「The Story of Yanxi Palace」have long concluded, some of us here are probably still 'chasing' the series. So if you're one of those who's still busy catching up with the rest of the world, you have been warned. Spoilers ahead!

In what we consider was one of the saddest episodes ever, everyone's favourite Empress Fuca Rongyin took her own life after her son's passing. After the episode aired, netizens all over the world was overwhelmed with grief to the extent that they almost wanted to stop watching the series! One even commented: The Forbidden City don't deserve Empress Fuca Rongyin! T_T

In Yanxi Palace, Chinese actress Qin Lan plays the role of Empress Fuca Rongyin, a kind, virtuous and beautiful Empress of the Qing Dynasty; wife to Emperor Qianlong.


If you've been watching the drama religiously, you'd know that the series began with the Empress losing her first born, Prince Yong Lian. Though it's not her fault, she's always blamed herself for failing to discharge her duties as a mother and a part of her blamed the Emperor for his death too.

As the story develops, Empress Fuca learns to forgive the Emperor and eventually conceives again but thanks to the evil scheming consorts in the Forbidden City, Empress Fuca falls and suffered a miscarriage. She also slipped into a coma and lost her ability to walk but with the help of female lead Wei Ying Luo, she slowly found herself on her feet again.

Some time later, she conceives another royal baby and gives birth to the Seventh Prince, Yong Rong.


However, Prince Yong Rong was robbed of his life on Lunar New Year's eve thanks to a fire instigated by Consort Chun. During the fire, Empress rushed into the flames in hopes of saving Prince Yong Rong but she was too late.

He inhaled too much smoke and have passed on.


After losing her children thrice, the Empress slipped into a state of denial and refused to accept the fact that her child is no longer alive; keeping his corpse by her side, not willing for him to leave her side.

Even when the Emperor visited her to console her, it didn't work. In fact in this scene, she's already lost her senses.


Empress Fuca Rongyin:

I want to find Yong Rong.
I want to find my son.
I don't want to be the Queen anymore.
I want to look for my son.
Please let me look for my son.
My King, I beg you. Please let me go.

But at this moment the Emperor ordered the eunuchs to take away Prince Yong Lian's corpse and told the Empress: Get a grip on yourself. Don't disgrace yourself and most importantly, don't forget who you are. You are my wife. The Empress of the Great Qing Dynasty. 


In this scene, she begged the Emperor to give her an answer. For someone who's never done any wrong, why did she have to go through all this pain?


I, Fuca Rongyin, have never done a single wrong in my life.
Why would I land in this state?
Why, my King?
Can't you give me an answer?

Empress Fuca: I want to go look for my son, I don't want to be an Empress anymore! I beg you, please let me go. I no longer want anything. Please let me go! I beg you.



Rongyin, you're my Empress.
You're Aisin Gioro Hongli's wife.
You don't have any rights to act this way.
There's also no way you can get out of this.
I don't care if you're sick, or crazy.
No matter what, you have to remember the responsibilities that lie on your shoulder.


Responsibilities? It seems like all that's left in my life is nothing but responsibilities.


After this scene, the Empress chased everyone away and made up her mind to take her own life.

What's sadder is that the Empress's favourite girl Wei Ying Luo is away the whole time this happened. Though she tried to wait for Ying Luo to bid farewell, there's only so long she could wait. T_T 





Empress Fuca:

I've done a lot of wrongs in my life.
1- Being born into the Fuca family
2- Not interested in 
3- Marrying into the royal family
4- Becoming the Empress of the Great Qing Dynasty


5- Becoming the leader of the 6 palaces
6- Too focused on palace rules and forgetting who I am


I lost myself
And became a puppet in the palace
Yet I long to love and be loved by the Emperor
I gave birth to Yong Lian and Yong Rong
Yet I was unable to protect them- this is another sin

Before she jumped to her death, the last person on her mind was Ying Luo.

Ying Luo, I promised to wait for you to return to the Forbidden City. It's a pity that I can't wait for you anymore but you have to be happy for me. From now on, I won't be the Empress anymore. I can finally be myself again. I am Fuca Rongyin.



The most touching relationship in The Story of Yanxi Palace isn't the bond between the Emperor and Empress, but the sistership between the Empress and Wei Ying Luo.

When asked why the Empress is always putting her life on the line for Wei Ying Luo, the Empress express that it's because Ying Luo reminds her of when she was young: Fearless, honest and true to herself. The Empress have long lost herself in the Forbidden City but in Wei Ying Luo, she found herself again.


In the Empress's suicide note, the only name mentioned was Wei Ying Luo. In fact, there's not even a mention of the Emperor. This goes to show where she stands in the Empress's heart.


Out of all the women in the Forbidden City, don't you think Empress Fuca is the prettiest? T_T


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