5 Reasons Why Oatbedient’s New ‘Café Series’ Powdered Beverages Are A Game-Changer

5 Reasons Why Oatbedient’s New ‘Café Series’ Powdered Beverages Are A Game-Changer

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By Karmen on 15 May 2024
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There’s nothing like a good cuppa to start the day right, and for particularly busy mornings or times when you need something quick and easy, instant coffee is a boon. The powdered beverage market has come a long way and there’s now a new player in the market that’ll win your heart and take over your pantry - Oatbedient’s new Oat Milk 'Café Series' Powdered Drinks.

Keep reading to find out why!

#1 It's delicious

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered Drink - Oat Milk LattePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Instant beverages have a bad rep for being unhealthy and are often seen as the last resort, but one sip of the Oat Milk 'Café Series' and you’ll change your tune. Delightfully rich and refined, these healthier alternative beverages are high-quality stuff. They come in three delicious varieties. 

Get your caffeine fix with the smooth, creamy and aromatic Oat Milk Latte that has a bold, invigorating punch of roasted coffee. If you’re craving something indulgent and chocolatey, go for the Oat Milk Mocha which has luscious, full-bodied flavours of cocoa and coffee. 

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered Drink - Oat Milk MochaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

In the mood for something refreshing and soothing? Make yourself an Oat Milk Matcha. It brims with umami notes complemented by the natural sweetness of oat milk. 

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered Drink - Oat Milk MatchaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

#2 It's the healthier choice

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered DrinksPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

With the new Nutri-Grade labels for beverages in place, many of us would have been confronted with the fact that our favourite go-to drinks may not be the healthiest. But then again, it's easy to ignore. After all, it's hard to give up or cut down on a delicious comfort drink, no matter the potential consequences.

Well, you get the best of both healthy and tasty worlds with the Oat Milk Café drinks. As rich and indulgent as they are, the Oat Milk Latte, Mocha and Matcha are good for you. Like the rest of Oatbedient's oat products, these drinks are free of nasties commonly found in drinks like palm oil, artificial colours and flavourings, gum, thickeners and preservatives. They are also lower in sugar!

This means you can still have your fill of creamy drinks that taste sinfully satisfying but are actually guilt-free.

#3 It's quick & convenient

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered Drink sachetsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

It might be cliche, but it's true, time is precious. If you're a busy bee, save your precious time by whipping up a drink in seconds with these powdered beverages. They’re packaged in convenient individual sachets so you can simply empty the powder in a mug, add water and stir.

#4 It’s value-for-money

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered DrinksPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

One box of 10 sachets retails at $11.90, or 3 for 2 at $7.90 each. That works out to be just $0.79 per beverage!

#5 It's better for the environment

Oatbedient's 'Café Series' Powdered DrinksPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Besides being good for your health and taste buds (and by extension, your happiness), opting for Oatbedient's Oat Milk Café series is also good for the environment.

Oat milk produces less carbon emissions than dairy, and drinking these DIY powdered drinks means you're using one less single-use cup and straw every day. It's a small change to your routine that not only saves time and effort but also reduces your carbon footprint! 

Feeling convinced? Shop the Oatbedient Oat Milk Café series at supermarkets islandwide and online on oatbedient.com, Shopee Mall, LazMall, and TikTok Shop.

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