Browhaus Plasma Lift Review: Lift, Tighten & Brighten Your Under-Eye Area

Browhaus Plasma Lift Review: Lift, Tighten & Brighten Your Under-Eye Area

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By Sherryl Cheong on 30 Jun 2023

Thanks to my hypersensitivity towards caffeine and proclivity for revenge bedtime procrastination, I often find myself sleeping way later than I should be. Since anyone can immediately spot my tired eyes and dark circles by taking one glance at my face, it’s hard to conceal my bad sleeping habits. 

So when the opportunity to try Browhaus’ Plasma Lift — a non-surgical treatment that re-energises the eyes — surfaced, I jumped at it without an ounce of doubt. I attended a total of four Upper & Lower Eyelid Sessions over a month and was pleasantly surprised by the results. 

Read on to find out more about the treatment process and how you can attend your first session at a special price!

Having my skin sterilised with a jet applicatorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

During my very first consultation, the beautician assessed that my skin had no major issues apart from hyperpigmentation (I’ve had freckles since I was a young girl). She explained that since I’m in my late 20s, the main area of concern that this treatment targets would be my dark eye circles. 

The treatment also helps to keep the skin firm and plump, which lifts hooded lids and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. That’s because Browhaus uses a revolutionary system that sends cold plasma energy into the dermis layer, a process that stimulates collagen production and also repairs damaged elastin fibres

During each treatment session, the beautician would purify and sterilise my skin with a jet applicator. Next, she would apply gel to my eye area before using a spot applicator. It targets problem areas that require lifting, tightening, as well as the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. The sensation was painless and reminded me of when my eyebrow hairs get tweezed during a facial.

The beautician targets my problem areas with a spot applicatorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

At the end of the session, the beauticians would give me a relaxing eye massage before applying some aftercare products. They use Two Lips’ Pout, a hydrating serum; lock in the moisture with Browhaus’ Wide Focus Eye Cream; and finish it up with Two Lips’ Screen, a pore-refining sunscreen. 

Two Lips’ Pout & ScreenPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Since this treatment has no downtime, I didn’t have to worry about any redness or irritation at all! As an added (and probably unnecessary) precaution, I would wear my sunglasses if I happened to be outdoors in the hours following the treatment. It just seemed wise to keep my eyes shielded from the sun’s harmful rays. 

After the first session, I experienced minor peeling at my under eye area but it was no cause for concern as it dissipated the next day. To keep my skin hydrated, I made sure to use skincare products — a toner and a serum — that contain hyaluronic acid.

Browhaus’ Wide Focus Eye CreamPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Aftercare is a crucial component of this process and I was recommended to apply the Wide Focus Eye Cream even on days when I don’t go for treatment sessions. It contains many active and potent ingredients: a boerhavia diffusa root extract that strengthens, repairs, and retains collagen and elastin fibres; liposome soy isoflavones that brighten and even out the skin tone; olive squalane that deeply moisturises and increases oxygen absorption to support skin cell restoration. The best part? It doubles as a lip cream as well! 

Applying Browhaus’ Wide Focus Eye CreamPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I’ll scoop a pea-sized amount of cream and carefully dot it around my delicate eye area. Next, I use the massage tool (which made the application process feel more luxurious) and slide it outwards in a circular motion. Then, I hold the tool on the pressure points above and below my brow bone before patting the cream into my skin. 

After one session & after four sessions of the Plasma LiftPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I have to confess that before trying Browhaus’ Plasma Lift, applying eye cream was not a part of my skincare routine as I always lacked the resolve and discipline. However, in hopes of maximising and maintaining the effects of the treatments, I diligently applied the Wide Focus Eye Cream every morning and night for an entire month. And by the end of four sessions, my under-eye circles were indeed visibly lighter! 

For optimal results, Browhaus recommends customers to complete at least eight sessions, at two-week intervals. Even though I only went for four sessions, I was still able to see the effects of the treatment, which is saying a lot. With proper aftercare and lifestyle adjustments, the results of the treatment ought to last a year or even longer.

So if you are keen on giving their Plasma Lift a go, you’ll be pleased to know that Browhaus is currently having a special promotion. Sign up now to experience your first upper and lower eyelid session at $100 (U.P. $600), while slots last! For more information about the Plasma Lift and other services, simply head over to their website.