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Hidden Gem In Paya Lebar Serves Up Healthy Norwegian Salmon & Poke Bowls, Prices Start From $12

Hidden Gem In Paya Lebar Serves Up Healthy Norwegian Salmon & Poke Bowls, Prices Start From $12

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By Sophie Hong on 04 May 2023
Senior Editor

The Paya Lebar vicinity has plenty of food options for the working crowd. And if you’re looking for a lunch spot that is quick, healthy and affordable, then you need to know about Salmon Warrior


Located at level B1 of SingPost Centre, Salmon Warrior is a halal-certified joint known for their colourful poke bowls packed with nutritious fresh greens and generous portions of premium Norwegian salmon. And here’s the best part - prices range from $9.90 to $26.80 for individual bowls, while bowl sets are priced from $13.90 to $17.90 and come with a drink, miso soup and chuka wakame. Talk about value-for-money! 

Here are some of our favourites from Salmon Warrior’s menu

Salmon Warrior Ultimate Bowl, $26.80.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

#1 Ultimate Bowl, $26.80

If you’re feeling particularly ravenous, or just want to treat yourself, then definitely go for the Ultimate Bowl. The highlight of this bowl is the thick slices of aburi (seared) salmon, drenched in three rich creamy sauces: mentaiko, mala mentaiko and garlic mayo. It’s definitely on the indulgent side, but we think it’s nicely balanced out by the accompanying greens and cherry tomatoes. If you want to make it healthier or avoid a food coma, you can always opt for a base of mixed greens instead of rice! 

Salmon Warrior Twin Poke Don Bowl, $20.80.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

#2 Twin Poke Don Bowl, $20.80


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be miserable. Case in point: this poke bowl that doesn’t compromise on flavour and filled us up in no time, thanks to the super generous portion of salmon poke. You’ll get a combination of the normal salmon poke and mala poke, topped with the usual suspects like salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes and a jammy ramen egg. The salmon was really well-marinated, which provided a nice hit of flavour - especially with the spicy kick from the mala seasoning!

Salmon Warrior Keto Bowl, $20.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

#3 Keto Bowl, $20

We love that Salmon Warrior caters to those on a diet, including those on keto! For the uninitiated, a keto diet is one that is low-carb, adequate-protein and high-fat. We love the base of shirataki noodles, which are very low in calories but high in fiber. Toppings include thick slices of salmon sashimi, well-seasoned chuka wakame, a soft-boiled egg and half an avocado. We’re not on a keto diet, but the fresh and light flavours definitely won us over. 

Salmon Warrior Sukiyaki Chicken Udon Soup Bowl, $12.90.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

#4 Sukiyaki Chicken Udon Soup Bowl, $12.90

Craving something warm and hearty instead? Try this udon bowl, which features chewy udon noodles in a light citrusy ponzu broth. Compared to traditional udon bowls, which can be a bit plain and carb-heavy, Salmon Warrior’s iteration comes with the addition of a ramen egg and three yakitori skewers, which not only upped the protein content of the meal but also helped us stay satiated for longer. 

Salmon Warrior 3-in-1 Maki Platter, $12.90 (6pcs).Photo from GirlStyle Singapore


#5 Maki Platter, $12.90 (6pcs)

This maki platter is a bestseller and we’ve got to say - it’s one of our favourite dishes too. FYI, while sushi rolls are typically served cold, Salmon Warrior’s maki is served warm. And it works stunningly well! The combination of seared salmon in thick slices served atop a warm pile of rice makes for a super shiok bite, especially when it’s drenched in any of the store’s signature sauces: mentaiko, mala mentaiko or garlic mayo aburi. 

Salmon Warrior Sambal Maki, $12.90 (6pcs).Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Can’t choose just one? Then go for the 3-in-1 maki platter, where you’ll get a taste of all three sauces! For those who love the fiery kick of sambal, definitely save some space for their newly-launched Sambal Maki, $12.90 (6pcs)

Salmon Warrior, Yakitori Platter, $4.50 (3pcs).Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

#6 Yakitori Platter, $4.50 (3pcs)

Premium Norwegian salmon takes centre stage at Salmon Warrior, but if you love grilled meats then you’ve got to try their yakitori. Think juicy, succulent bites of chicken glazed with an addictive smokey-sweet sauce. So good! 

Order online now and get free delivery!

Not within the area? Don’t worry, Salmon Warrior has got you covered with their online ordering system here. And for a limited time only, you’ll get free delivery for orders above $30. 

Additionally, sign up as a Salmon Warrior member to enjoy the following perks: 

  • 10% off on every visit (not valid with other promotions) 
  • 20% off on your birthday 

Sign up here.

Salmon Warrior
SingPost Centre
10 Eunos Rd 8
Singapore 408600

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