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I Gave In To All My Cravings For 5 Days & Still Saved Over $30. Here's The Hack I Used

I Gave In To All My Cravings For 5 Days & Still Saved Over $30. Here's The Hack I Used

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By Shairah on 17 Feb 2023
Project Editor

Out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, there’s no one more inspiring than the panda. Yes, they are cute and cuddly. But more importantly, pandas eat, sleep, and relax wherever and whenever they want – proof that they know exactly how to live life to the fullest.


We could all learn a thing or two from pandas. After all, life’s too short and we might as well make the best of it and enjoy all the little moments – whether it’s tucking into a delicious meal after a long day, sharing a drink with a co-worker or to simply sit back and relax.

With some inspiration from Pau-Pau, foodpanda’s adorable little ambassador, I decided it was time to #livelikeapanda. Short of running away to join a panda sanctuary, I figured that the next best thing to do was to take advantage of foodpanda’s amazing flash sale of its subscription service.

Only 10 cents for a one month subscription of pandapro? Now that’s too good of a deal to miss! 

Read on to find out how I gave in to all my food cravings for five whole days and still managed to save over $30, all thanks to pandapro.

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Day 1: A healthy lunch to beat the Monday blues

The typical Monday rush in the office leaves me very little time to think about lunch – much less to go out and tapau some food. Hankering for something light and (relatively) healthy, I ordered a Sauteed Truffle Mushroom Bowl with a side of Cajun fries from a nearby cafe, Bowl of Happiness. My order took a mere 15 minutes to arrive (the fries were still hot and crispy). But the icing on the cake? Free delivery because of my pandapro subscription.


Spent: $20.70
Saved: $3.89 on delivery fee

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Day 2: Chicken soup for the soul

The rainy day called for something warm and nourishing. As luck would have it, The Soup Spoon Union was offering 25 percent off (minimum spend of $15) for pandapro subscribers. I ordered the Sandwich Set (which comprised a Chicken & Mushroom Ragout, ham & cheese sandwich, and a drink) without lifting a finger. I call that a win.

Spent: $16.95
Saved: $5.65 (pandapro’s perk of additional 25 percent off selected restaurants)

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Day 3: Date night

Wednesday is designated date night. My partner and I typically dine out but I realised it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of pandapro’s exclusive perks when you tapau using pick-up. We decided on some good ol’ fashioned Italian fare from a cafe located five minutes away from my office. On top of the 20 percent discount through pick-up, pandapro subscribers get an additional 10 percent off for these tapau orders.


I placed my order in the evening and scheduled to collect my food two hours later. When it was close to 7pm, the app alerted me to make my way over to the cafe. Lo and behold, my funghi pizza and lasagne were already waiting for me by the time I arrived.

Spent: $28.17
Saved: $12.07 (additional 10 percent pandapro discount through pick-up)

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Day 4: Team bonding over sushi and coffee

My colleagues decided to join me on my mission to #livelikeapanda and indulge in some Japanese cuisine for lunch. On the menu for our team lunch: sushi, udon, sashimi don, and two sides, which totaled up to $56.48.

pandapro’s newest perk is perfect for orders like this. No matter what you may be craving or where you are, you don’t have to worry about high islandwide delivery fees. That’s because pandapro subscribers get three vouchers every month for free delivery from ANY restaurant, including the ones that offer islandwide deliveries (with a minimum order of $30).

Post lunch, we needed a pick-me-up and pandapro’s free delivery perk was simply too irresistible. Craving for some caffeine, we each ordered an iced latté from Craftsmen Speciality Coffee.

Spent: $56.48 (lunch) + $24 (coffee)
Saved: $4.29 on lunch (pandapro free delivery voucher) + $3.99 on coffee (pandapro free delivery)

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore


Day 5: #TGIF at the office

The end of the week calls for celebration! My colleagues and I usually take the opportunity to wind down over drinks and snacks in the office once the clock strikes 6 on Fridays. 

It was my turn this week to order the party supplies so naturally, I took this opportunity to order what I was hankering for using my pandapro subscription. No matter your drink of choice, cider is always a crowd favourite during Happy Hour. And when the hunger pangs hit, potato chips and nuts make the perfect accompaniment.

At 5pm, I placed my order on pandamart. On top of free delivery all thanks to pandapro, I also got a 12 percent pandamart discount for my selected items. In less than 30 minutes, the party essentials were promptly delivered to the office just in time for Happy Hour, much to the delight of my colleagues who were all ready to kickstart the weekend.  

Spent: $45.45
Saved: $4.69 (pandamart discount) + $1.99 (free delivery on pandamart, thanks to pandapro)

The final tally: how much did I actually save?

After five days of living like a panda, I can safely say that I am now a fully-fledged pandapro convert.

Like many budget-conscious Singaporeans, I’m always mindful about how much I spend on food. But thanks to pandapro, I was able to stretch my dollar AND indulge in any food cravings. With pandapro’s free delivery and additional discounts, I managed to save $31.88 in just five days that averages to approximately $6/day!

Of course, the perks go beyond dollars and cents. I no longer have to waste precious time queuing up for food and getting takeaways or doing grocery runs. Instead I can now focus on the things that matter like enjoying some quality me-time or spending precious moments with my loved ones.

Get pandapro at only 10 cents!

Here’s your chance to #livelikeapanda. From now to 31 March, you can subscribe to one month of pandapro at only 10 cents for your first month (U.P $7.99/month)*!

Here’s the full run-down of the perks you can enjoy with pandapro:

  • New: 3 free food delivery vouchers valid for ALL orders, including islandwide delivery (minimum spend of $30)
  • Free food delivery on thousands of selected restaurants (minimum spend applies) 
  • Extra 10% off pick-up on thousands of restaurants 
  • 20% off dine-in when you eat out at selected partner restaurants (valid on your entire bill)
  • Free delivery on all pandamart orders (minimum spend of $29)

Simply sign up on the foodpanda app and use the code <10CENTS> to start saving now!

*Valid for non-subscribers on the pandapro subscription programme. Terms & conditions apply. For the full list, refer to

This post is brought to you by foodpanda.