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This Skincare Brand In Singapore Has Handcrafted Bar Soaps That Look Like Pastries You Can Eat

This Skincare Brand In Singapore Has Handcrafted Bar Soaps That Look Like Pastries You Can Eat

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By Jayme on 21 Dec 2022
Digital Editor

Bar soaps, the old-fashioned slippery cleansing blocks that were once dismissed as unhygienic and harsh on the skin, have undergone a major revamp in recent years. Now, it is slowly making a comeback as bath products that are not only eco-friendly, but also full of hydrating ingredients.


Clean Folks Club - Lavender Mango Cake Body Bar SoapPhoto from @cleanfolksclub

If you’re thinking of making a switch, check out Clean Folks Club, an artisan soap and body care brand in Singapore that handcrafts cleansing bars using natural and skin-loving ingredients to look like delicious pastries!

Clean Folks Club - Tea Time Macaron Soap SetPhoto from @cleanfolksclub

All its products are made in small batches, formulated with nourishing butter and oils, scented with essential oils, and then hand-poured into little creative art bars. They’re also paraben and sulphate free, which is perfect for those with intolerant or sensitive skin.  

Clean Folks Club - Strawberry Shortcake Body Bar SoapPhoto from @cleanfolksclub

Designs include macarons, sliced and whole cakes, donuts and cupcakes. According to customer reviews, these soaps smell fragrant, too, so they’ll surely add a touch of fun to bath time.

Clean Folks Club - Mini Cake SoapPhoto from @cleanfolksclub

Custom orders are also available for its signature Mini Cake Soap, so you can tailor-make your own by choosing the colour, additives and cake design. Plus, pick from five different scents - Lavender & Vanilla, Bergamot & Tea Tree, Geranium & Grapefruit, Eucalyptus & Bergamot, and Lavender & Orange. 

Clean Folks Club - Donut SoapsPhoto from @cleanfolksclub

They’re priced between $15 to $45 and are recommended to be used within six months of purchase. They are typically shipped out within two working days, except for made-to-order ones, which will require a five to six-week window.

Get your pastry soap here

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