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The All-In-One Salon That’ll Make You Look Beautiful – From Brows & Lashes To Glowing Skin

The All-In-One Salon That’ll Make You Look Beautiful – From Brows & Lashes To Glowing Skin

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By Shairah on 19 Dec 2022
Project Editor

Ironically, looking effortlessly beautiful requires a lot of effort.

You know what we mean: daily make-up, hairstyling, and even as far as a nine-step skincare routine just to look good. Yes, ladies, the struggle is real.

Luckily, we know just the answer to looking your very best without much effort or time. Monostudio is a one-stop salon that will address all your beauty needs from head-to-toe. Eyebrows, lashes, lips, skin…you name it, they’ve got it covered! 


The best part? All you have to do is sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be pampered while Monostudio does all the hard work. Win-win!

Monostudio is helmed by a Seoul-trained esthetician. That means its range of services keep up with the latest K-beauty trends and you will be in safe hands. What’s more: Monostudio is a cosy home-based salon that offers privacy and comfort to every one of its customers.

Read on to find out how Monostudio can help you get that effortless #iwokeuplikethis vibe. 

Holy Grail treatmentPhoto from Monostudio


For glowing skin

If you’ve been neglecting your skin all year-round and need a glow up fast before the festive season, Monostudio has you covered with a range of skincare treatments. 


The BB Micro-Needling is a crowd favourite. This fuss-free 45-minute treatment uses a micro-needling device to infuse a brightening serum onto the surface of your skin, while stimulating collagen production. Imperfections such as redness, pigmentation and enlarged pores are diminished, resulting in a flawless, glowing complexion.

Want that coveted ‘glass skin’ effect? Try the Baby Skin Booster. Perfect for ladies with dry, mature skin, this anti-ageing treatment uses PDRN (a type of salmon DNA) to repair and regenerate skin tissues, while giving your complexion a much-needed boost of hydration. 

If that’s not enough, you can combine 3 services in one for the ultimate glow-up. The Holy Grail treatment comprises the BB Micro-Needling, Baby Skin Booster, and Carboxy CO2 therapy. The latter treatment infuses carbon dioxide into the skin to stimulate cell regeneration. Together, this 85-minute triple treatment will have you walking out of the studio with baby-smooth and glowing skin.

Korean Baby Liner (left) and Dolly Lash Lift Photo from Monostudio

For alluring eyes

It’s true what they say: eyes are the window to your soul. There’s nothing more alluring than a pair of come-hither eyes with fluttery lashes. At Monostudio, you don’t have to endure the long and tedious process of eyelash extensions. Simply opt for a Korean Dolly Lash Lift. In just 45 minutes, your lashes will be magically lengthened and lifted to make you fresher and more alert.

Can’t leave the house without applying some eye makeup? The Korean Baby Liner treatment is your secret to the no-makeup makeup look – minus the hassle! It adds a subtle, thin liner to your lash line without looking too harsh. The result: Bigger, brighter eyes – who doesn’t want that?

Brow Feathering. Photo from Monostudio

For brows on fleek


Monostudio’s Brow Feathering service is a crowd favourite, and we can see why! It promises gorgeous yet natural-looking eyebrows by using a thin 1-point needle to create subtle hair strokes. We especially appreciate how Monostudio does excellent cover-ups and colour correction for customers who previously experienced botched eyebrow embroidery.

The best part? Customers will experience zero pain (yes, you read that right!) and require little downtime after undergoing Brow Feathering (compared to traditional microblading techniques).

Korean Lip Blush.Photo from Monostudio

For kissable lips 

Before you pucker up and give your loved one a kiss under the mistletoe, go ahead and try Monostudio’s Korean Lip Blush. It is a semi-permanent lip tattoo that will keep your lips looking pink, plump and kissable for up to 3 years. Personalised to each customer, the esthetician can help you pick the perfect lip shade and achieve the effect you desire – be it fuller, lighter or more defined lips without painful filler injections.

 Scalp Micro Pigmentation.Photo from Monostudio

For fuller, thicker-looking hair: *COMING SOON!*

Come February 2023, Monostudio will introduce a new service for those who may feel self-conscious about their fine hair. A buzzing trend in Korea, Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) deposits very fine tattoo ink dots and shading onto your scalp to mimic hair follicles. Thanks to the subtle and natural-looking effect, it can give an illusion of thicker and more voluminous-looking hair – perfect for ladies who may suffer from a receding hairline or traction alopecia.

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