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Highly Anticipated IKEA X Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD Collection Launches In Singapore

Highly Anticipated IKEA X Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD Collection Launches In Singapore

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By Karmen on 24 Oct 2022
Digital Editor

Fancy feeling like you're a music producer living in your home-based music studio that oozes effortless cool? The upcoming IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD collection is just what you need to create that idyllic aesthetic.


Designed in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, the OBEGRÄNSAD smart home furnishing solutions take on a sleek, minimalist and all-black look that the house music group approves of.

With the furniture and home accessories, aspiring musicians can build a home studio from scratch without breaking the bank, as all the items are priced affordably at under $200. On a more relatable angle for the everyday person, they will also add smart functionality to a home and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Check out the IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD collection:

OBEGRÄNSAD Desk ($199)





OBEGRÄNSAD deskPhoto from IKEA

This desk has two speaker stands which bring the speakers to the ear level. It also has a pull-out shelf to fit a midi keyboard and allow for more space on the table top.

OBEGRÄNSAD Armchair ($129)

OBEGRÄNSAD armchairPhoto from IKEA

This chair has such a satisfyingly minimal aesthetic that screams Swedish House Mafia. Its designs also factors in comfort, with straps on the back and under the chair that can be adjusted to alter the firmness of the fabric.

OBEGRÄNSAD Shelving Unit ($179)

OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unitPhoto from IKEA

The OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit updates the iconic KALLAX shelf with space for amps, vinyl-sized block shelving, and a higher unit height for mixing on.


OBEGRÄNSAD Shelving Unit ($99)

OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unitPhoto from IKEA

This shelf has the same practicality with open shelving that better show off vinyls, magazines and other items.

OBEGRÄNSAD Laptop Stand ($14.90)


OBEGRÄNSAD laptop standPhoto from IKEA

OBEGRÄNSAD Tablet Stand ($14.90)



OBEGRÄNSAD tablet standPhoto from IKEA

OBEGRÄNSAD Speaker Stand ($12.90)


OBEGRÄNSAD speaker standPhoto from IKEA

OBEGRÄNSAD Record Stand ($9.90)

OBEGRÄNSAD record standPhoto from IKEA

OBEGRÄNSAD Lamps ($69 - $139)

OBEGRÄNSAD lamps and lighting solutionsPhoto from IKEA


The OBEGRÄNSAD collection includes three very different pieces of lighting that serve different functions. The dimmable LED work lamp has three brightness settings to suit different needs while the LED floor and wall lamps are designed to create a moody atmosphere. The floor lamp can be directed at the wall or out into the room for different effects, and the wall lamp has five unique lighting programmes and a loop of all programmes creating a visual display.

OBEGRÄNSAD Home Accessories ($13.90 - $79)

OBEGRÄNSAD home accessoriesPhoto from IKEA

There are also home accessories such as rugs, cushion cover, throw and slippers made with cosy tactile materials.

OBEGRÄNSAD Bags ($4.90 - $9.90)

OBEGRÄNSAD bagsPhoto from IKEA

The IKEA x Swedish House Mafia OBEGRÄNSAD collection launches in Singapore on 27 October.

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