Here’s How To Order A Secret Off-Menu Item From LiHO TEA For Just $1.90!

Here’s How To Order A Secret Off-Menu Item From LiHO TEA For Just $1.90!

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By Sophie Hong on 05 Oct 2022
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We’re all familiar with LiHO TEA. In fact, we bet you already have a go-to drink order - be it their popular classic milk tea with pearls or the fragrant lychee rose jing syuan. But did you know that there’s a secret drink from LiHO TEA that is not stated on its menu? 

Read on to find out more about this secret off-menu drink from LiHO TEA!

That’s right, our beloved local bubble tea chain LiHO TEA has an off-menu item: the Iced Lemon Melon Tea. And you can’t just rock up to your nearest outlet to order it either. In order to gain access to LiHO TEA’s off-menu drink, you must first be a LiHO TEA member. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to get a membership - simply sign up here.

Iced Lemon Melon Tea (M), $1.90, LiHO TEA.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

If you love LiHO TEA’s aromatic melon tea, then the Iced Lemon Melon Tea will be the perfect thirst quencher for you. This special off-menu drink infuses the sweetness of melon tea with the zestiness of fresh lemon, which makes for a pretty refreshing drink on blazing hot days. It’s also a great treat for when you’ve knocked off work! 

As a LiHO TEA member, you are now entitled to enjoy 2 drinks - the Iced Lemon Melon Tea (M) and the Iced Classic Milk Tea With Golden Pearl (M) - for just $1.90 each, limited to 2 cups (1 per flavour) each day.

LiHO TEA members also get the following perks:

  • A free medium drink and a free upsize during your birthday 
  • One-time 1-for-1 voucher (valid for a month) 
  • $1.90 daily member deal on the Iced Lemon Melon Tea and Iced Classic Milk Tea
  • Member-exclusive campaigns

New launches to try this month

Scholar Da Hong Pao Latte (M), $3.90, LiHO TEA.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

If you love the milk tea series from LiHO TEA, then here are two new flavours to try. First is the Scholar Da Hong Pao Latte ($3.90), which is a blend of premium Da Hong Pao tea and fresh milk. We like that the drink isn’t too sweet and yet still gives you a delicious hint of light caramel with each sip. 

Golden Winter Melon Oat Latte (M), $4.30, LiHO TEA.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

If you prefer plant-based milk, then you’ve got to try the Golden Winter Melon Oat Latte ($4.30), which is made with Oatly. We love how the earthy sweetness of winter melon is complemented by the nutty aroma of oat milk, resulting in a rich creamy drink that is then topped off with chewy golden pearls. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something other than your usual order of the classic bubble tea, then definitely go for this option! 

Get a free upsize when you use the L greeting!

Use this L greeting at any LiHO TEA outlet to get a free upsize from 7-21 October. Photo from LiHO TEA

Here’s another tip: from 7 - 21 October, greet the staff at any LiHO TEA outlet with the L sign (pictured above) to score a free upsize on your drink! 

Make your drink healthier with Stevia

Did you know that LiHO TEA offers Stevia as a sugar substitute? Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Trying to make healthier lifestyle choices, but don’t want to give up your favourite bubble tea treat? Good news -  LiHO TEA has been offering Stevia as a substitute for sugar in your drink since 2018, making it the first bubble tea brand in Singapore to do so. What this means is that you can indulge in a healthier version of your favourite bubble tea at LiHO TEA!

Stevia is a plant-based sugar substitute that has 0 sugar, fat and calories. The natural sweetener is actually sweeter than table sugar and has been shown to carry potential health benefits such as a reduced calorie intake, blood sugar levels and risk of cavities. Pretty compelling reasons to make the switch, no?

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