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Feel Like You're In Japan At A Matsuri In Singapore With Japanese Street Food, Games & More

Feel Like You're In Japan At A Matsuri In Singapore With Japanese Street Food, Games & More

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By Karmen on 27 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

Live at Jurong? Lucky you! Not far off from you at Jurong Point is a matsuri, AKA Japanese festival.


While not as grand as matsuris in Japan, the shopping mall's Japan Matsuri Fair has plenty to remind you of the Land of the Rising Sun including street food, games and a photo booth where you can dress up in a yukata.

Japanese Street Food

The open space at level one is now a matsuri-inspired area decorated with lanterns overhead. Lined up are Japanese yatai (food stalls) where you can indulge in Japanese street food including the essentials - takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

Okonomi-YakiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

For a quick yet thoroughly satisfying meal, head to Hitokuchi Onigiri for their flavour-packed, Okinawa-style onigiri ($6.90 - $9.90).

Hitokuchi OnigiriPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

You can also find well known brands like Sourbombe Bakery, where they're offering bomboloni ($5 - $7 each, $32 for a box of 6) in Japanese-inspired flavours like Umami and Kare Bomb.


Sourbombe BakeryPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

DIY sushi joint Maki-San has also set up a stall here with a variety of sushi and salads.

Maki-SanPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

For dessert, try Kane-Mochi's creamy and rich gelato ($3.90/scoop). Flavours include standard classics like 85% Cacao and unique ones like Miso and Sweet Potato.

Kane-MochiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There will also be a range of Japanese products from FairPrice Xtra, from fresh fruits to vegetables, seasoning and condiments, dairy items as well as household groceries.

Matsuri Games

No Matsuri experience is complete without playing some games! Jurong Point's matsuri has three to choose from. Save your receipts as you can redeem a game pass with a $10 spend in a single same-day receipt at the Japan Matsuri Fair.


There's the classic Goldfish Scooping game where you can try your luck to choose the lucky fish to win a prize. If you're confident with your balancing skills, go for the Water Balloon Yoyo.

Goldfish Scooping and Water Balloon Yoyo gamesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another game of luck, the Senbonbiki game draws inspiration from the fortune telling game in Japan. Simply pick a string and pull it to see if it's attached to a winning card.

Senbonbiki gamePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Redeem your game pass at JP1 L1 Centre Stage (Near Daxi, JP1 #01-48/49). Each shopper is entitled to two passes daily on weekdays and one pass daily on weekends.

Performances & Activities

There will also be traditional Japanese performances which include the Taiko Drum and cultural dance on two weekends (1 & 2 Oct and 8 & 9 Oct) as well as guest appearances by famous cosplayers Mariko and Mahio, who will also be hosting a cosplay workshop on 8 October.

Performance schedulePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Love photo booths and dressing up? Snap a photo at the pop-up Dollop photo booth ($10/session, $15/session with dress-up, 2 for $20 with dress-up) ! There's also a range of gorgeous yukata and props you can put on for a truly Japanese-style experience.

Dollop photo boothPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Photo print-outsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Exclusive Deals

There will be exclusive deals from various retailers and F&B brands for Japanese brands and goods at Jurong Point from now to 23 October. Highlights include a $10.80 Karubi Set at Yakiniku-GO (UP: $15.80) and $3 for GO-Series items (UP: $3.50) at Sushi-GO.

The Japan Matsuri Fair at Jurong Point is located at JP1 Centre Stage and will be running from now till 9 October, 11am to 9.30pm.