IG Influencers Are Calling This The Best Hairdryer In SG - Here Are 4 Reasons Why

IG Influencers Are Calling This The Best Hairdryer In SG - Here Are 4 Reasons Why

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By Sophie Hong on 07 Sep 2022
Senior Editor

A good hairdryer does so much more than just blow dry your hair. These days, hairdryers are considered an investment, so you should look out for one that is engineered to care for your tresses in the best way possible. 

If you’re shopping for a new hairdryer, here’s one for your consideration. Lovrei is a homegrown hairdryer brand that’s been garnering rave reviews from Instagram influencers such as @ceciliayeo_, @charrloyd and @vaneh.sa for its ability to give users smooth and silky hair without any heat damage. 

The best part? This favourably-reviewed hairdryer comes with a very wallet-friendly price tag too - the regular price for a Lovrei hairdryer is $299, but right now, it is retailing at a promotional price of $249. That works out to less than 70 cents per day if you use the hairdryer every day for a year, which in our opinion, it’s a very small price to pay for guaranteed good hair days! 

Read on to find out why the Lovrei hairdryer is getting rave reviews from IG influencers! 

#1 The Lovrei hairdryer comes with AI temperature control to prevent heat damage

All Lovrei hairdryers are equipped with an R1 Smart Chip for intelligent heat control.Photo from Lovrei

One of the most important factors you should consider when buying a new hairdryer is its temperature control. Too little heat and you won’t get the va-va-voom effect of a blowout; too much heat and you risk damage to your hair cuticles. 

To prevent overheating, the Lovrei hairdryer is also built with an R1 Smart Chip and an in-built intelligent thermostat sensor, which work together to maintain the airflow at a constant temperature that safely dries your hair without any heat damage. There are 4 heat settings to choose from: 24°C, 60°C, 80°C and 100°C. 

#2 It dries your hair with over 20 million anions

The Lovrei hairdryer generates over 20 million anions, which according to reviews, helps users to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair.Photo from Lovrei

Anions are negatively-charged ions. These negative ions are especially helpful for those who struggle with frizzy hair, as they help to neutralise the positive ions that are causing the frizz. Another benefit of anions is that they help to break down water molecules in wet hair, which allows your hair to dry quicker using less heat - thus minimising heat damage and retaining your hair’s natural hydration. 

Lovrei boasts the world’s strongest in-built anion generators in its hairdryers, which allows them to generate over 20 million anions every time you blow-dry or style your tresses, resulting in smooth, silky and frizz-free hair every single time!

#3 The Lovrei hairdryer also cares for your scalp

The Lovrei Hairdryer is retailing for $249, which works out to less than 70 cents a day for silky & smooth hair for a year! Photo from Lovrei

Remember the points we made earlier about negative ions and less heat damage? These features aren’t just beneficial to your hair but to your scalp as well! Allow us to elaborate: the scalp is made of skin, and too much heat can cause it to dry out, resulting in an itchy or flaky scalp. So if you’re experiencing dandruff, try switching over to the Lovrei hairdryer as it not only uses less heat but also helps to keep your scalp healthy and hydrated with 20 million anions. 

#4 It improves your scalp & hair health over time, resulting in smoother & shinier hair

The Lovrei hairdryer has been garnering rave reviews on Instagram since its launch in 2021. Photo from Lovrei

OK we know what you’re thinking - what has a hairdryer got to do with the condition of my hair? As it turns out, everything. You could splurge on hair products and treatments all you want, but if you’re using the wrong hairdryer, you’d just end up undoing all of that repair with heat damage and the lack of negative ions. 

With its AgeRevert™ anion technology and AI-controlled heat settings, the Lovrei hairdryer works in tangent with your hair treatments to keep your hair and scalp in tip-top condition. Overtime, this will naturally result in healthier and stronger tresses. And who doesn’t want smooth, shiny hair that isn’t prone to breakage or split ends? 

The Lovrei Hairdryer is retailing for $249. Get it online at Lovreicare.com.

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