Date Night Idea For This Weekend: Free Art Workshops + Live Performances at Stamford Arts Centre

Date Night Idea For This Weekend: Free Art Workshops + Live Performances at Stamford Arts Centre

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By Sophie Hong on 26 Aug 2022
Senior Editor

Not sure what to do for date night this weekend? Well, you’re in luck. It’s the last weekend of this Singapore Night Festival (Aug 26 & 27, Friday & Saturday) and there is a slew of free activities at Stamford Arts Centre, including workshops, installations and live performances to check out with your friends, family, and loved ones. 

All of the art activities listed here are part of A Date With Tradition, organised by Arts House Limited, and held at Stamford Arts Centre, in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival. There are over 20 interactive art programmes available, all with a focus on traditional arts. We’ve specially handpicked 5 highlights that are perfect for you to check out this weekend, but if you have time to spare, don’t forget to check out the other activities as well! 

Read on to find out more about A Date With Tradition

#1 Sulam (Malay Embroidery) Circle

Activity conducted by: Heath Yeo

 Photo from Heath Yeo

Learn about the artistry and heritage of sulam (Malay word for embroidery) from fashion designer Heath Yeo, who had tutelage from the late Madam Mok Tai Ee - famed for her exquisite kebaya with hand-sewn embroidery. There’s also a chance to get hands-on by participating in the sulam circle, where you’ll be guided through the basics of stitching a Peranakan motif! 

Happening on Aug 26 & 27 (Fri & Sat), 7-10:30pm, #03-04 Stamford Arts Centre. 

#2 Make A Good Impression! Stamp Printing Workshop

Activity conducted by: Artefakts Art • Craft • Design

 Photo from Artefakts Arts

Always wanted to try print-making? Well here’s a fun and easy way to get started! At this workshop, you’ll be given pre-carved printing blocks with culturally-inspired motifs and ink pads of different colours. Feel free to stamp away to your heart’s content, and then bring your one-of-a-kind design back home if you wish. 

Happening on Aug 26 & 27 (Fri & Sat), 7-10:30pm, #01-04 Stamford Arts Centre.

#3 Singa Rangoli

Activity conducted by: Singa Rangoli

 Photo from National Arts Council

You’ve seen rangolis on display, but have you ever had a hand in creating one? At Singa Rangoli, everyone is welcome to participate in creating a vibrant rangoli on the floor of Stamford Arts Centre. Other than the traditional colour powder, there will also be more unconventional forms of materials provided for your use. We won’t spoil the fun by telling you what they are - you’d just have to head down and find out for yourself! 

Happening on Aug 26 & 27 (Fri & Sat), 7-10:30pm, #01-05 Stamford Arts Centre. 

#4 Mass Delay

Performance by: P7:1SMA

         Photo from Sarah Goh

A blend of Malay and contemporary dance, this 30-minute performance explores the journey of self-assessment and apologetic self-consciousness. The dancers are guided by Tumpang Lalu - the action of shrinking one’s body when walking in front of someone, often executed by Malay folks. The performance will also see the dancers accessing and negotiating the strength of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, accompanied by real-time sonic responses from four different sound artists. You and your date will definitely have loads to talk about after watching this.

Showing on Aug 26 & 27 (Fri & Sat), 8pm & 9pm, #03-01 Stamford Arts Centre. 

#5 Celebration of Life+Style

Artwork by: Justin Lee 

       Photo from Arts House Limited

What’s an arts event without at least one photo op, right? This quirky installation by pop artist Justin Lee juxtapositions traditional eastern characters with modern elements. These motifs are a tongue-in-cheek representation of how we manoeuvre modern-day relationships, and the artist’s intention is to invite us to reflect on the impact technology has on our daily lives. We daresay it’ll be borderline rude if you don’t whip your phone out to Instagram this. 

The installation is in the frangipani garden beside Stamford Arts Centre. 

For the full list of programmes and activities, click here

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