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9 Important Things To Take Note Of Before Starting On Your Aesthetic Clinic Treatments

9 Important Things To Take Note Of Before Starting On Your Aesthetic Clinic Treatments

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By Rachel Yohannan on 29 Jul 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Aesthetic treatments are life-changing; Personal insecurities such as scars and flat nose bridges can get a lasting fix that’ll remain long after you’ve wiped off your makeup at the end of the day. While these treatments are indeed a self-esteem booster, they also come with a lot of commitment, and it can be intimidating taking that first step if it’s your first time, as this writer has experienced.


Now, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, but I’ve undergone a fair bit of aesthetic treatments in recent years so I’m pretty familiar with what’s involved. For those who are keen to start on their own aesthetic journeys, here are 7 important things to take note of before taking the plunge - including ways to save money and how to choose the right clinic.

#1: Budget properly and factor in additional “hidden” costs

Budget for aesthetic treatments and consider "hidden" costsPhoto from PressLogic

It’s no secret that aesthetic treatments come with a hefty price tag, so consider this very carefully before shelling out the cash. A shot of Botox or fillers will set you back a couple of hundreds, and laser sessions, in their totality, can cost you a 4-digit sum or more. Don’t forget other expenses such as medication or healing treatments.

Are you willing to part with this cash for the prospect of better skin and more defined features? For some, this is a worthy investment. But if you have other priorities in your life, such as education loans or young children and/or elderly parents to take care of, then you might have to reassess things. Remember, aesthetic treatments are a want, not a need, so it’s something you should only think about if you’ve got savings to spare.

Check out our article on the 7 “hidden” costs to consider w.r.t aesthetic clinic treatments so you can budget more accurately.

#2: Frequency of treatments and downtime


Consider downtime of your aesthetic treatmentsPhoto from PressLogic

I refer to aesthetic treatments as a “journey” simply because that’s what they are - an ongoing process that takes time and patience. Some treatments require follow-ups within days of being done, some happen monthly or bi-monthly, and certain procedures such as Botox and fillers need to be replenished every year or so. Will you be able to fit these into your schedule?

Do also note that there’s a possibility that your skin might have to look worse before it starts looking better, depending on the treatment you’re going for.

Non-surgical facelifts and injectables have little to no downtime, but some aggressive lasers can leave you with red, raw-looking skin that will eventually scab and take a week or so to heal - during which it’d be best to stay out of the sun and avoid wearing makeup. This is something you’ll have to adjust to if you have a highly active lifestyle, or a job that requires you to be people-facing a majority of the time.

#3: Consider the ease of location as repeat visits will be needed

This might seem trivial, given the fact that Singapore is so small, but all the travelling to and fro can suck a considerable amount of time from your life when you have appointments within days or weeks of each other. You’d want to pick a clinic that’s near your home or office, or at least in a central location that you can easily get to. West-siders might want to think twice before committing to a clinic all the way in Tampines or Changi.

#4: Check out past patients’ Google reviews, not sponsored influencer posts

Check aesthetic clinic Google reviewsPhoto from PressLogic


It’s not to say that influencers are completely untrustworthy, but you’re better off reading reviews from paying customers, rather than those who’ve traded social media shoutouts for free aesthetic treatments or have even been paid to try them out.

Don’t just look at the star ratings. Take some time to read through both the highest and lowest-rated ones to see what exactly it is about a particular clinic that stands out - be it for the right or wrong reasons. Should there be negative reviews, take note of how they’ve chosen to address the issues at hand.

A particular clinic I initially shortlisted had overall good reviews, but the few less-than-stellar ratings all had a common thread: Lack of transparency in pricing. I promptly stuck it off my list, as this to me was a sign of bad moral standing, and I didn’t want to entrust someone who had questionable values with something so high stakes.

#5: Read up on the individual doctors’ credentials

Research on your aesthetic doctor's credentialsPhoto from PressLogic

While the reputation of a clinic might be important, it’s also equally crucial to check out the individual doctors’ qualifications. Every aesthetic clinic should have a doctors’ profile page, and from there, you can pick out their names and do further research on them. Look out for information regarding their years of experience, academic specialisations, and any specific areas of expertise.

Other than his skills and keen eye, one thing that drew me to my current doctor, Dr Gabriel Wong of SL Aesthetic Clinic, was the fact that many past patients had praises for him in their reviews, saying that he’ll keep your best interests at heart instead of pushing any treatments that you don’t need. A friend also had lots of good things to say about his character as a person, so I felt extra reassured.

True enough, my experience with him turned out to be nothing but pleasant, and he’s successfully diagnosed and prescribed treatment for my rosacea, the root cause of my constant adult acne issues.


#6: Observe how good the doctor’s own skin looks

Observe whether your aesthetic doctor has good skinPhoto from PressLogic

Alright, so this isn’t a major point for some people - after all, famed plastic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu hasn’t had cosmetic surgery done on himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s short on skills. That said, you probably wouldn’t trust a personal trainer who’s obese, so in a similar vein, picking a doctor with good skin will be one way of knowing you’re in safe hands, as that can be a reflection of their aesthetic sense.

It’s not about choosing a doc who looks like an oppa, but rather, one with good skin quality. By that, we mean clear, firm skin that perhaps makes them look a couple of years younger than they actually are.

I was initially attracted to a particular clinic’s Instagram ads, but changed my mind after seeing that the lady doctor had lip fillers that appeared too overdone for my liking, and what seemed to be a “frozen” smile - something I did not want for myself. Yikes.

#7: Use this hack to get a referral discount

Most aesthetic clinics offer referral discounts if it’s your first time there. Even if you don’t personally know someone who has visited the clinic before, you can still attempt to score yourself this discount by searching for blog reviews or beauty magazine write-ups (like ours!) and filling their names into the referral box. Alternatively, click on the clinic’s “tagged photos” section on Instagram - there’s bound to be at least one past patient’s review or an influencer’s shoutout somewhere.

Disclaimer: I haven’t personally tested this out myself, as all my aesthetic clinic visits were based on actual friend referrals. But when your treatment costs thousands of dollars, it really doesn’t hurt to try!

#8: Have a clear desired outcome in mind for the best prescription

Know your desired aesthetic treatment outcomePhoto from PressLogic

While the doctor should know what’s best for you and can offer suggestions, he or she first needs to be aware of your desired outcome. Simply saying “I want nicer skin” is vague; Do you want to reduce your deep pitted scars, or are you looking to lessen the severity of your fine lines? Are there specific areas on your face you’re unhappy with?

Express this clearly to your doctor so they’ll know exactly what you’re trying to achieve - be it a natural Korean-style look or a Kylie Jenner-esque pout. I specifically complained about my nasolabial lines, and Dr Wong took special care to go over the area extra times during my Fotona 5D tightening laser session.

#9: Manage expectations and strive for improvement rather than perfection

In this quest for beauty, it’s crucial to note that we’re all still human. While deep ice pick scars can be effectively reduced with laser and subcision, there’s no such thing as 100% “poreless” skin. Fat freezing won’t give you a supermodel’s figure overnight - especially not if you have a poor diet and don’t exercise - and age will still eventually catch up with us all. No matter how many procedures you go for, it’s going to be pretty impossible looking 20 when you’re 50.

So don’t aim to look “perfect”, for there is no such thing as perfection. Aim to look like a better version of yourself, and don’t get caught up in an obsession.

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