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Bandai Has A “Tamagotchi” Perfect For Bubble Tea Lovers That Lets You Make Your Own Drinks

Bandai Has A “Tamagotchi” Perfect For Bubble Tea Lovers That Lets You Make Your Own Drinks

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By Samantha Ann Francis on 18 Jul 2022
Senior Editor

The bubble tea obsession is real in Asia, with flavours and toppings that have gone far beyond what we started with—a simple milk tea with tapioca pearls. If you love your boba, check out this Tamagotchi-like device from Japanese toy maker Bandai.


BandaiPhoto from Bandai

Called the Maze Maze Mix Punitapi Chan, the handheld toy was launched back in 2020 but has seen a recent resurgence in popularity after being shared on social media platforms like TikTok.

CarousellPhoto from Carousell

Available in two versions, the pink “Peach Milk Tea” and the blue “Aqua Milk Tea”, the kawaii device is shaped just like a boba drink.

ShopeePhoto from Shopee

Virtual pet meets gaming device, Punitapi Chan comes with six types of mini games controllable via the movable “straw”. At its core, it’s all about building your collection of boba, finding new drink recipes, and levelling up your boba shop—this unlocks new boba and drinks. 

BandaiPhoto from Bandai

At a glance, the straw looks like it’s been digitally-rendered on the holographic-framed LCD screen, when in fact it’s a physical straw that’s visible beneath a see-through digital screen lit by LEDs.

EtsyPhoto from Etsy

Cool visual effects aside, the device is said to have a nice tactile feel for gameplay, thanks to its rubber-like surface with a matte texture for better grip. 

RedditPhoto from Reddit

Originally made for the Japan market, this device is now available to buy in Singapore on platforms like Carousell, Shopee, and Amazon from about $85.

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