TikTok Made Me Try It - A Mascara That Went Viral For Giving People Dramatically Sky-high Lashes

TikTok Made Me Try It - A Mascara That Went Viral For Giving People Dramatically Sky-high Lashes

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By Sophie Hong on 13 May 2022
Senior Editor

The first time I saw Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara in action, it was on TikTok. I replayed the video several times, transfixed by this magical mascara that lengthened and pointed this girl’s average lashes towards the sky. With each swipe, her lashes appeared darker and denser, to the point where it looked like she was wearing falsies because it looked so dramatic. 

This viral TikTok with more than 9 million views was all it took to convince me to try the Sky High Mascara for myself. It claims to give lashes “limitless length and volume”, without the need for primer, curlers or extensions of any kind. So for the sake of science, I put the mascara’s claims to the test by applying it without doing anything else to see just how effective it was. 

Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara, $18.60 (U.P. $21.90).Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Read on to see if the Sky High Mascara from Maybelline is worth the hype!

Lengthens, volumises and lifts

After just two coats of Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara, I could see a dramatic difference in the length and volume of my lashes. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

There are two things that I immediately loved about this mascara. First, it coats each individual lash in a thick layer of product effortlessly, thanks to the wand’s flexible tip and thick bristles. All I had to do was zigzag the wand from the base to the tip of my lashes, et voila - instant volume without any visible clumps. 

A flexible tip and thick bristles help to coat each individual lash with minimal clumping. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Secondly, can you see just how lifted my lashes are? I didn’t cheat with a primer or eyelash curler beforehand - the curls are 100% due to two generous coats of Sky High Mascara, and they hold up quite well even in Singapore’s heat and humidity. FYI, the mascara is enriched with bamboo extract which improves lash strength, so I supposed that helped. 

After two coats of Maybelline’s Sky HIgh Mascara.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

I knew this was my new beauty holy grail when I met my friends later that evening and got compliments on my eye makeup. In actuality, nothing has changed except for the mascara I was using!

Long-lasting, waterproof and smudgeproof 

I know what you’re thinking - with lashes these dramatic, will it leave you with unsightly raccoon eyes as the day progresses? 

Rest assured, because the formula is waterproof and I can personally attest that it does not smudge even after 8 hours of wear. That said, despite its lasting power, Maybelline’s Sky High Mascara is easily removable with makeup cleansers. I double-cleansed with a  makeup remover plus a regular facial cleanser, and it was enough to remove all traces of the mascara without having to tug at my delicate lashes. 

Overall, this was a solid recommendation from TikTok that is well worth the hype. Just search #SkyHighMascara on TikTok to see more of its transformative magic! 

The Sky High Mascara is retailing now at a special promotional price of $18.60 (U.P. $21.90). Available on Shopee

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