5 Hacks That’ll Make Your Hair More Voluminous, Using Vegan Products That Smell Like Cake

5 Hacks That’ll Make Your Hair More Voluminous, Using Vegan Products That Smell Like Cake

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By Sophie Hong on 15 Mar 2022
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Is your hair looking flat, limp and well, generally lifeless? The bad news is, it can be difficult to maintain airy, voluminous hairstyles in Singapore’s weather. For those with naturally straight or fine hair, a humid environment will cause it to turn flat and greasy real fast. If you’ve always wondered why your hair looks better overseas, the answer almost always lies in the humidity levels. 

The good news is that there are things you can do to lift your hair roots and boost the volume of your crowning glory. Enter Cake Beauty, a Canadian beauty brand that’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Oh, and their entire range of products will make your hair smell like a yummy birthday cake.  

We’ve put together some tips on how to make your hair look fuller, as well as more information on Cake Beauty’s hair volumising range that is both effective and wallet-friendly. We’ve also got a promo code for you at the end that entitles you to 30% off upon checkout. 

Read on for 5 easy hacks to inject more volume into your hair! 

#1 Change your parting

You might not know this, but it’s advisable to change the parting of your hair regularly. Having the same part for a long period of time will flatten your hair roots and strain your hair follicles, making it more difficult to uplift your hair roots.

#2 Apply shampoo on your roots only and gently lather your hair ends

When your hair is flat and limp, the last thing you’d want is to weigh it down with products that are too rich. Switch to a shampoo that is more lightweight, and shampoo only at the roots! Work up a lather at the top and gently move the suds down the lengths of your hair without tugging or scrubbing. The ends of our hair are brittle and more prone to breakage, which could be one reason why your hair doesn’t look full. 

Try: The Big Big Deal Sulfate Free Thickening Volume Hair Shampoo, Cake Beauty 

The Big Big Deal Sulfate Free Thickening Volume Hair Shampoo, $19.90 .Photo from Cake Beauty

This lightweight shampoo packs a heavy punch in the volumising department. Formulated with plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, rice protein and soy protein, this shampoo moisturises without weighing down. On top of that, it thickens and lifts the individual strands of hair naturally, giving you fuller-looking hair over time without the use of genetically modified organisms, parabens or phthalates.

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#3 Use conditioner only on the ends of your hair

Remember what we said about not weighing your hair down? One mistake that you could be making is conditioning the entire length of your hair, from your roots down to the ends. What you should be doing, is to condition the ends only - that way, your roots will remain light and you can fluff it up easily for more volume.

Try: The Big Wig Thickening Volume Hair Conditioner, Cake Beauty 

The Big Wig Thickening Volume Hair Conditioner, $19.90.Photo from Cake Beauty

Similar to Cake Beauty’s volumising shampoo, this conditioner from the same range supports thicker hair strands by plumping and lifting them up with natural, plant-based ingredients. There’s also the addition of shea butter and sunflower seed oil to revive lifeless hair, giving it vitality and bounce like never before.  

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#4 Blowdrying your hair? Go upside down!

Here’s one of the oldest tricks in the book to instantly add volume to your hair - flip everything over the crown of your head, point the hairdryer at your roots and slowly move down the length of your hair. This way, you’re lifting the top part of your tresses, making it look fuller. Want that volume to survive Singapore’s humidity? Then don’t forget to add a styling product for extra hold! 

Try: The Thick Trick Volumizing Hair Styling Foam, Cake Beauty 

The Thick Trick Volumizing Hair Styling Foam, $19.90.Photo from Cake Beauty

Non-sticky and lightweight, this styling foam turns a simple blow-dry into a va-va-voom blowout. Simply massage a 50-cent sized amount of product onto your roots, flip your hair over and blow dry it from root to tip. Instant volume and added shine! 

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#5 Sleep with a bun

How many of us slept in braids when we were younger so we can wake with quasi-curls? The same concept applies here. Before you go to bed, wrap your hair up in a loose bun. In the morning, simply shake it out and tadah - natural-looking volume, with soft, dreamy curls as an added bonus.

Try: The Deep Treat One Minute Volume Boosting Hair Mask, Cake Beauty 

The Deep Treat One Minute Volume Boosting Hair Mask, $6.90 .Photo from Cake Beauty

Once a week, or whenever you need a boost, switch out your conditioner for a hair mask. This yummy mask from Cake Beauty is a treat for both your senses and your hair, with hydrolysed rice protein, plant-based butters and oils to replenish moisture and add more bounce to your crowning glory. Surprisingly, for such a deep conditioning mask, it doesn’t feel heavy and isn’t difficult to rinse out. Oh, and did we mention that you’d only need to leave it on for a minute? 

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