4 Bad Lifestyle Habits That Could Be The Root Cause Of Your Hair Loss

4 Bad Lifestyle Habits That Could Be The Root Cause Of Your Hair Loss

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By Sophie Hong on 04 Feb 2022
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If you experience an increase in hair fall, or notice more strands of grey hair, it’s only natural to want to invest in hair products and treatments to tackle these issues. But did you know that common hair concerns such as hair loss, dandruff and greying hairs are often caused by an unhealthy scalp

Your scalp is a part of your skin, so it can become clogged, stressed and irritated. Scalp issues such as these can cause your hair to fall out and even prevent healthy hair from growing, resulting in thinning hair. 

There are a few factors that can lead to scalp issues, including your haircare routine, the products you use and even your lifestyle. Before you go about making any changes, we strongly suggest that you consult with an expert at a hair care centre such as TK TrichoKare to determine the root cause of your hair and scalp issue. 

But first, read on to find out if you’re guilty of these lifestyle habits that can cause increased hair fall! 

#1 Being constantly stressed out

Hair loss has been associated with high levels of stress. Called telogen effluvium, this happens when high levels of stress force the hair follicles to go into a resting phase, preventing new hair growth and causing existing hair to fall out. Thankfully, this form of stress-induced hair loss is temporary and can be reversed. 

#2 Not eating a healthy diet

According to a 2017 study, people who have iron, zinc, vitamin D and protein deficiencies are more likely to suffer from hair loss. So if you want a healthy head of hair, it’s important to start with a healthy diet. 

#3 Keeping your hair tied up all the time

For those of us with long hair, it’s not unusual to have our hair tied up in a messy bun or ponytail all day long - especially with our hot weather! However, this constant pulling on your hair can damage your hair follicles, resulting in a receding hairline and increased hair fall. If you need to have your hair up, make sure that you aren’t tying it too tightly and let your hair down whenever you can. 

#4 Not doing scalp care

As we mentioned earlier, your scalp is a part of your skin. Therefore, it is important to detox and exfoliate your scalp regularly to get rid of the build-up of sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. Your scalp also needs protection from UV rays and some TLC in the form of nourishing treatments to keep it balanced and healthy.

A healthy head of hair needs a good foundation to grow on, which is why the condition of your scalp is something you shouldn’t overlook. If you’re unsure of where to even begin with a scalp care routine, sign up for TK TrichoKare’s Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment here. The award-winning treatment, packaged with a free hair care kit and HairGRO ampoule, is now going at a trial price of just $40 nett (U.P. $745)! 

TK TrichoKare Review: Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment

A scan of my scalp before the TK TrichoKare Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment Photo from TK TrichoKare

This treatment involves deep cleansing and nourishing - just think of it as a facial, but for your scalp. A consultation with TK TrichoKare’s hair and scalp specialist/Trichologist, plus a scalp scan, revealed that my biggest issue is a build-up of sebum and dead skin cells, which is clogging up my hair follicles and causing dandruff. 

TK TrichoKare’s Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment starts off with a deep cleanse of the scalp.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The treatment started with a cleansing hair masque to get rid of oil clogs and impurities. It felt pleasantly cooling on my scalp which provided a much-needed relief as the weather was scorching that day. This was followed by a thorough hair wash, using a minty shampoo that I particularly enjoyed because it left my hair smelling super refreshing and nice.

An ampoule is then added to encourage healthy hair growth. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Now that my scalp has been purged of clogs, my follicles were primed for added nourishment. The next step was the application of a customised and recommended ampoule developed using advanced hair growth biotechnology. Formulated with a biomimetic peptide complex, the ampoule used on me contains actives that repair my scalp’s skin barrier, enlarge hair follicles and fight off inflammation as well as free radical damage, which all contribute to healthy hair growth. 

The ampoule was meticulously applied by the hair and scalp specialist, who patiently combed through all of my hair sections to make sure that every area of my scalp was covered. This was followed by an invigorating scalp massage - I could literally feel the individual muscles relaxing as she expertly applied a firm pressure all over my head! 

TK TrichoKare’s Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment uses two machines: the OxyJet (left) and hair bang (right).Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

To further encourage deeper product penetration, two machines were used. First is the OxyJet, which delivers jets of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp while reactivating dormant hair follicles. Next is the infrared helmet, also known as hair bang, which also has anti-bacterial properties. 

A scalp scan after the treatment showed a marked improvement. My scalp looked much less congested and flaky, while my hair roots looked clean, shiny and healthy - as opposed to my earlier scan, which showed that they were coated in a layer of grime and sebum. Just look at the comparison photos! 

The Advanced Scalp Detox & Care Treatment is available at all TK TrichoKare outlets at a trial price of $40 nett for first-time customers. Book your appointment online here, or call 6338 8680.

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