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This Store In Far East Plaza Upcycles Branded Paper Bags Into Custom-Made Handbags

This Store In Far East Plaza Upcycles Branded Paper Bags Into Custom-Made Handbags

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By Karmen on 05 Feb 2022
Digital Editor

We can't get enough of the upcycling fashion trend! What's not to love when simple things that are forgotten or thrown out, like paper bags or buttons, are transformed into gorgeous creations like handbags and hair accessories? It's good for everyone: the environment, small local businesses and our wallets!


If you love your Louis Vuitton and Gucci, you might want to check out KLONE, a store in Far East Plaza that specialises in upcycled handbags made from luxury paper bags.

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KLONE first started as a store that offered alteration and customisation services in 2019. A year later, they hopped on the upcycling trend and started making reconstructed paper bag handbags.

The brand sources for their paper carriers from resellers around Singapore. These seemingly ordinary pieces of paper are then handmade into sturdy handbags that look like they came right out from a luxury store.

Deconstructed Balenciaga paper bagPhoto from KLONE

Upcycled red Balenciaga bags by KLONEPhoto from KLONE

The charm of this trend is that you're getting a handmade piece with a luxury logo that's made from authentic branded paper bags, but at a fraction of the price!


While you can expect to shell out a 4-digit sum for a bag at Chanel or Balenciaga, the upcycled bags at KLONE will cost you from $170 to $250.

Upcycled Chanel handbags made from paper bags by KLONEPhoto from KLONE

Upcycled Gucci x Doraemon tote bags at KLONEPhoto from KLONE

Upcycled handbags from Balenciaga paper bags by KLONEPhoto from KLONE

Most of their creations are standard tote bags in square or rectangle shapes in varying sizes.

Shelf of upcycled handbags from luxury paper bags by KLONE in Far East PlazaPhoto from KLONE

Another style option are these minimalist crossbody bags:

Upcycled Dior and Cartier crossbody bags made from paper bags by KLONEPhoto from KLONE

KLONE also offers a personalised touch to the bags with custom-designed artworks for an additional $100+. It takes up to three days to create each bag with custom illustrations.

Address: Far East Plaza 01-86, 14 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 10am - 6pm, closed on Sundays.

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