4 Signs Your Scalp Is Ageing & How To Slow It Down For Healthy & Beautiful Hair!

4 Signs Your Scalp Is Ageing & How To Slow It Down For Healthy & Beautiful Hair!

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By Sophie Hong on 07 Feb 2022
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Yes, scalp ageing is a thing and could be the root cause of your hair concerns, such as dandruff, frizziness or hair loss. Allow us to explain: your scalp is a part of your skin, so just like how you have a skincare routine to keep your skin healthy, you’ll also need a scalp cleansing and care routine. 

A healthy and happy scalp - one that is well-balanced and free of clogged follicles or irritation - is going to reward you with strong and thick hair growth. So it’s well worth investing in a scalp cleansing and treatment range like PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s ADV Nutrition Bundle Kit, which consists of a scalp cleansing shampoo, moisturising conditioner, scalp tonic and weekly scalp exfoliant. 

But first, read on for 4 major signs that your scalp is ageing! 

#1 Your hair is getting thinner

The skin on your scalp ages 12 times faster than the skin on the rest of your body, so don’t be surprised if you’re already battling thinning hair in your 20s. The good news is, with proper scalp care - like exfoliating and nourishing - you can encourage healthier hair growth and restore your crowning glory.

ADV Elixir, PHS HAIRSCIENCE, $238.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

What to do: Whatever your scalp condition or problem is, add ADV Elixir from PHS HAIRSCIENCE to your haircare routine right now and thank us later. ADV Elixir helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, sebum and impurities, which prevents the build-up from clogging your pores. Having clear, unclogged pores helps with encouraging healthy hair growth as well as better nutrient absorption! 

Besides its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the ADV Elixir also contains green tea leaf extract to slow down scalp ageing and panax ginseng root extract to stimulate hair growth, creating a healthy foundation for a head full of luscious, shampoo ad-worthy hair. 

#2 Your hair looks dry & limp

Just like the skin on your face, your scalp may start producing less oil as you age. These natural oils from your scalp actually help to keep your hair soft and smooth, so with less of them, your hair may become dry, lifeless and dull.  

ADV Nutrition Shampoo, PHS HAIRSCIENCE, $48.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

What to do: Choose a shampoo that thoroughly cleanses your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. Try PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s ADV Nutrition Shampoo, which is formulated with rice stem cells, a natural but powerful cleanser that rids your scalp of sebum and dirt without being overly harsh. 

#3 Your hair breaks easily

An aged scalp damages your hair follicles, and damaged follicles produce weaker strands of hair that are thinner and more prone to breakage. So if you find that your hair is becoming more brittle, the underlying issue is usually scalp-related. 

ADV Nutrition Conditioner, PHS HAIRSCIENCE, $48.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

What to do: Besides starting on a scalp care routine to rejuvenate your scalp, show your hair some TLC with a conditioner that is designed to strengthen and repair. PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s ADV Nutrition Conditioner is not only deeply-moisturising, but it also contains hydrolysed keratin to reconstruct broken hair shafts, thereby reducing hair breakage and split ends. You’ll feel your hair getting softer and silkier with every wash! 

#4 Your scalp is itchy and flaky

Skin that is exposed to pollution, UV rays and other environmental aggressors experience oxidative stress. Over time, this leads to a weakened skin barrier, resulting in skin that is easily irritated or inflamed. Dandruff and itchiness are tell-tale signs of oxidative stress on your scalp, so if it's snowing dead skin every time you scratch your head, it's time to look into a scalp care routine. 

ADV Nutrition Tonic, PHS HAIRSCIENCE, $108.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

What to do: Try not to wash your hair with hot water and subject it to too much heat styling. And if you’re heading out on a sunny day, use an umbrella or wear a cap to protect it from sun damage. 

To maintain a healthy scalp, use a tonic like the ADV Nutrition Tonic from PHS HAIRSCIENCE after towel-drying your hair. The leave-in treatment is made with plant stem cells and botanical actives to protect your scalp from oxidative stress, and strengthens it with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s Patent 5 Complex. It also has the added benefit of lotus stem cells to heal and strengthen your hair follicles, thereby encouraging healthy hair growth. 

PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Nutrition Bundle Kit, $442

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Consider this your starter kit for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. This bundle consists of four products that’ll cleanse, nourish and protect both your scalp and hair with natural botanical ingredients. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to a PHS HAIRSCIENCE scalp care routine: 

Step 1 - Cleanse with ADV Nutrition Shampoo. Massage it into your scalp, enjoying the minty fresh and gently tingling sensation. Rinse thoroughly. 

Step 2 - Moisturise with ADV Nutrition Conditioner, avoiding the scalp and leaving it on for two minutes. Rinse. 

Step 3 - Nourish with ADV Nutrition Tonic, massaging it into your scalp after towel-drying. Make sure to shake well before applying and cover every section of your scalp. 

Weekly step - Before shampooing, exfoliate with ADV Elixir. Apply evenly on scalp, massage for ten minutes and rinse off. Shampoo as usual. 

Get the PHS HAIRSCIENCEADV Nutrition Bundle Kit here. To browse more PHS HAIRSCIENCE products, click here.

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