5 Ways To Upgrade Your Daily Shower To A Luxurious Spa Session

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Daily Shower To A Luxurious Spa Session

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By Sophie Hong on 17 Nov 2021
Senior Editor

We could all do with an indulgent spa session during such stressful times. But you know what would be even better? If you can turn your daily shower into a luxurious spa experience. 

It doesn’t have to involve heavy renovation or the installation of a bathtub either. It’s all about mood, setting, aroma and of course, the bath products that you use. KHO Spa Body Wash is a range of botanical body wash that is Made in Japan with only premium Plant-based ingredients

KHO Spa Body Wash also helps to hydrate your skin with every wash, thanks to a formula that is rich in vitamin B3 (aka Niacinamide, a moisturising powerhouse). It is free of nasties like parabens, silicones and triclosan plus the pH-balanced formula remains gentle on the skin while effectively washing away impurities.

This premium body wash is available in four botanical scents, each with its own unique benefits. We got the team and friends of GirlStyle to try KHO Spa Body Wash, and here’s what they think. 

KHO Spa Body Wash comes in four scents: Pink Rosa, Freesia, Neroli and RosemaryPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Rachel, 27, Senior Editor 

“My favourite scent from this KHO Spa range is the Neroli scent - I liked that the fragrance was distinct enough, but not overwhelming or sickly sweet. The scent of neroli was pretty relaxing and I found myself looking forward to my showers after a long work day.” 

Sophie, 29, Senior Editor 

“It’s so hard for me to pick a favourite because I enjoyed them all! OK but if I had to choose, it’ll be between the Pink Rosa and the Rosemary fragrance. I use the Rosemary body wash on weekdays because the earthy scent is quite uplifting, especially in the mornings when I need to get ready for work. For the weekends, I switch to Pink Rosa because the light floral fragrance makes me feel like I’m at a beautiful park. Plus, my partner likes the fragrance on me!” 

Hayley, 32, Account Manager 

“Using a body wash with a really good scent is super important to me as I like to inhale the aroma and pretend I’m at the spa. I personally prefer the Freesia scent because the smell reminds me of the spa that I go to for my massages! My skin felt soft and moisturised after my shower - I even used the body wash as a substitute for shaving gel and it seemed to do the trick.” 

Read on for more tips on how to upgrade your daily shower to a luxurious spa session! 

#1 Use warm, relaxing lighting

The type of lighting used in a room can affect your mood. We subconsciously associate white light with daytime and the office, so when you’re winding down, it helps to switch to a different light setup. We recommend a soft, diffused warm light, and that brings us to the next point… 

#2 Light a candle

...set the mood by lighting a scented candle! Not only does it provide a source of warm light, but the scent will also help you relax. To really recreate the setting of a luxurious spa, opt for aromatherapy scents instead of sweet, artificial ones. For a good guide on which scents to pick, just look at the scents available in the KHO Spa Body Wash range! Freesia helps with stress relief, while Pink Rosa helps with alleviating anxiety. Rosemary is great for boosting energy levels, while Neroli is helpful for those who have trouble sleeping. 

#3 Have a shower playlist

The key to setting an ambience is to appeal to all the senses. One of the reasons why you find spa experiences so relaxing is because they create a calm and soothing ambience - and that includes the sounds that you hear. Get yourself a waterproof bluetooth speaker, curate a playlist that will bring you to your happy place (try nature sounds, soft jazz or low-fi), and play some tunes as you lather off. Try this shower playlist with relaxing spa music!

#4 Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturise!

That baby soft skin you get after a pampering spa session? You can achieve that at home too with KHO Spa Body Wash, which is rich in vitamin B3 and helps keep your skin hydrated. For extra soft skin, remember to exfoliate first with a dry brush, or simply lather up with a loofah to help scrub any dead skin cells off. And follow up with moisturising lotion after your shower!  

#5 Switch to fluffy, hotel-grade towels

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to little luxuries, especially if you’re going through a stressful time. Make your shower feel a little more luxurious by switching your old towel to soft, fluffy, hotel-grade towels. We recommend organic cotton towels as they get softer with every wash. 

KHO Spa Body Wash, RosemaryPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

KHO Spa Body Wash Rosemary - Firming & Brightening

Benefits: Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that protect skin from sun damage. Rosemary helps to improve mood, alertness and relieve stress. 

KHO Spa Body Wash, Pink RosaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

KHO Spa Body Wash Pink Rosa - Moisturising & Calming

Benefits: Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

KHO Spa Body Wash, NeroliPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

KHO Spa Body Wash Neroli - Nourishing & Restoring

Benefits: Purifies and rejuvenates skin, restoring radiance for healthy-looking skin. The scent of neroli is said to relieve stress and anxiety and help with a good night’s sleep. 

KHO Spa Body Wash, FreesiaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

KHO Spa Body Wash Freesia - Whitening & Clarifying

Benefits: Brightens both your skin and your mood with the mild scent of freesia which helps with stress relief. 

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Playmade stickers are featured at the back of each 680ml bottlePhoto from KHO Singapore

Treat yourself to Playmade’s signature milk teas with pink cactus pearls after an indulgent spa session - oops, we mean shower! How? Purchase KHO Spa Body Wash (with an on-pack sticker) from selected FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant or Sheng Siong outlets to redeem a free cup of Playmade milk tea worth $4.40. 

Terms and conditions apply, please refer to on-pack sticker for more information on promotional mechanics. Photo from KHO Singapore

KHO Spa Body Wash is retailing at a trial price of $9.90 per 680ml bottle (U.P. $12.90) at FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage and Sheng Siong . It will also be available at selected Watsons stores from December onwards. To skip the queues and add to cart right away, you can also grab your KHO Spa Body Wash online at WLC E-shop or FairPrice.

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