8 Things Every Lady Needs To Know Before Getting A Facial

8 Things Every Lady Needs To Know Before Getting A Facial

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ByWei Yin on 16 Oct 2020 Digital Editor

Going for a relaxing facial experience is probably on most ladies' to-do list as it lets you sit back and relax while the beautician does her magic on your skin.

These eight things you need to know before getting a facial will prep you for it if you are a first-timer looking to indulge in a pampering facial session. And if you have gone for facials countless times, it won't hurt to keep these pointers in mind.

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#1 Do intensive research before choosing a beauty salon

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Beauty salons are a dime a dozen in Singapore and you might be tempted to just choose the very first one you come across. But our skin is extremely delicate so it's best to choose a beauty salon you know would do a good job.

Some tips or things to look out for when researching on beauty salons:

  • Read reviews
  • Word-of-mouth from trusted sources such as family members and friends
  • If the price is too good to be true, it probably is (you could be getting a super basic facial or something not suitable for your skin)

#2 Know which service is right for your skin 

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There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to facials which is why many beauty salons offer customised services so customers get the best results. Before committing to that service though, make sure you understand your skin type and skin concerns such as acne or wrinkles etc. so that you know whether the beautician is suggesting something that suits your skin.

You may also be tempted to upgrade your facials to reap more benefits during your first session, as it can be quite hard to reject the beautician when she starts to upsell. However, we recommend to only make that decision from your second session onwards so you have time to see if your skin reacts positively to what has been done to it so far in the first session.

#3 Understand the after effects of a facial

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Those facial advertisements you see on the internet or TV always show the model walking out of the beauty salon with perfect, glowing skin. We are not saying that is impossible but if your facial involves extraction, be prepared to see redness and swelling on your skin after that - and it's perfectly normal! Facials would usually entail soothing masks to reduce inflammation but those with sensitive skin may still see some redness. Don't worry too much about it as they would usually go away after a few hours or one day later.

#4 Don't get a facial too close to a big event 

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Facials that involve extraction, chemical peels and laser treatments should be avoided at least one week before a big event. Extraction results in redness, swelling and scabs, chemical peels can cause your skin to peel while laser treatments can cause redness as well.

Toxins that are being released from the skin during the facial may cause your skin to become irritated and usually takes three to four days to clear up so you have smooth and bright skin.

If you really want to give your skin some perk-me-up before the event, treat it to some sheet masks but avoid new products that may irritate your skin.


#5 Facials require maintenance 

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Facials need to be done consistently to see longterm effects as one session will not be able to miraculously resolve all your skin woes. You may see an instant glow and brighter skin but as we go about our lives, our skin will revert back to its original state if no upkeep is being done.

While waiting for your next appointment, take care of your skin by using the right skincare products and being diligent with your skincare routine. Your own efforts paired with the once a month facial sessions will improve your skin tremendously and let you see permanent, longterm results quicker!

#6 You don't always get instantaneous results

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You can expect results in the first 24 hours when it comes to laser treatments but for traditional facials that involve extraction, results of clearer skin usually takes a few days to emerge when your skin has had enough rest to heal from the extraction.

So, don't always expect instant results and trust that you are a step to better skin whenever you go for a facial!

#7 Try not to apply makeup right after a facial

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This is not a hard and fast rule but it's recommended to keep your skin free of makeup to let it soak up all the benefits from the facial. No makeup on your skin means better breathability to let it heal more quickly as well.

Plus, there could be open pores or wounds from the extraction and you wouldn't want makeup to sink in them, causing breakouts in return.

#8 Don't wax or shave your face too close to a facial session

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If you have the habit of waxing, threading or shaving your face to rid yourself of any hair, make sure you don't do it before a facial. Any form of hair removal can irritate the skin and a facial consisting of exfoliation and extraction may further damage the skin.

It's best to go in for a facial when you haven't done anything to your face in a while so that the aesthetician sees the real version of your skin and knows what to do to help improve its condition and outlook.

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